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      After we left home, then it hit me. “Karen, what are we doing? We don’t need to go to studio to get pictures. We can do it through our phone. Or even better I have a Digicam at home. Why haven’t I thought about it before?”

       “You are right Katherine. What do we do now? Shall we turn back home?”

       “No, not yet. If I go now, then mom will be there and it would be weird to talk to her.” I know I am not myself right now. May be I can stop by Jenna’s bookstore and then pass the test Mr. Adams gives since he didn’t give Katherine the job. I mean I am not a teenager now. With my photographic memory may be Eve Summers can get the job. It was crazy. But I made my decision. “Karen, can you take a left turn here?”

       After 5 minutes we arrived at Jenna’s bookstore. The bookstore was open since it was 10 AM. As it is Sunday the bookstore will be open till 3 PM. On other days it would be open till 9 PM.

       “Umm… What are we doing here Katherine?” Karen asked.

       “I am going to see if I the job here is still vacant. Karen how soon can you get me the Fake ID? If I get the job, I may need it fast.”

       “OK. If you want it urgently then I can send you after 2 days.”

       “Thank you. Karen. Can you drop me here? I will come home later?”

       “Ok. Just call me while you’re coming home.”

       “Sure.” I said. Karen dropped me at the bookstore and left. I took a deep breath. This is the first time I am using my shapeshifting ability outside. I went inside. There were some people just browsing through the books. I didn’t see Mr. Adams though. After a while I saw him yelling at someone, a girl to be said exactly. And that someone was surprisingly Jenna. What was she doing here? She didn’t like being here. I went straight to them and said, “Excuse me.” They both turned to look at me.

       “Umm… I heard there is a job vacancy here.” I asked.

       “Thank God. Someone’s here to save me.” Jenna muttered so low, that no one can here. But I heard since I had heightened senses. I almost laughed.

       “And you must be….” Mr. Adams said.

      “Eve Summers.”

      “I am Greg Adams. This is my granddaughter Jenna” he said turning to Jenna.

      I shook hands with both of them. Jenna left leaving the two of us to talk. “Have you worked at a bookstore before?” he asked me.

     “Yeah. Sure.” I said.

    “Ok. Let me test your memory”. Then like last time he went inside and brought a list with the books with who to deliver and the date on which it should be delivered to the customer.

   “Can you memorize this?” he asked. I took the list and memorizing it. Since I had photographic memory now, I easily recited the list perfectly. I thought may he would be impressed by what I just did, but just like the last time his didn’t show any expression. He then said “How old are you?”

     Does he not know how to talk to women?

  “I am 24” I said.

  “Ok. You are hired”

  Wow, he really was something. I wondered if he had any emotions at all. He asked me to bring my credentials and then to join as soon as possible. I told him I would join after 2 days and I will be working in the evening in the weekdays. By then Karen will have sent me the fake ID. When I was about to leave Jenna met me.

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