It’s been more than a month since John left me that night. I wanted to desperately explain him that I didn’t betray him. But he just wouldn’t talk to me. I couldn’t stand if he hates me. Even at school he wouldn’t talk to me. I thought of confronting him. But I was afraid that it would make the situation even worse. I wanted to know what’s going on in his mind. He needs time, I thought. So that’s what I did. But now after more than a month I was getting frustrated. Jesus! I didn’t know love would be such a pain in the ass.

            Besides my screwed up romantic life, there wasn’t any development on the hunters. No other hunters came looking into Raymond’s death. Karen and Mark were still in town. They said they rented a home here. But they still wouldn’t let me know where. They just talked to me on the phone assuring me that they were handling everything and I didn’t need to worry. I just wish they would let me help. Since I couldn’t do anything much there either, I just carried on with my other activities.

            I still worked at the bookstore as Eve. Jenna noticed that I was distracted. She asked me what the problem was. I wanted to tell her everything. But I was scared that I would lose her too. So I told her there was no problem at all.

            One night I was closing the bookstore. I just completed my shift and locked the door. I was about to go to diner to change into Katherine when I heard someone calling me. I turned to my left to see that it was John.

            What is he doing here? I thought. I wanted to run into him and wrap my arms around him. But I stopped myself. This could really end badly. May be he is here to say he never wanted to see me again. I prepared myself for that.

            He came up to me. “Hey, can we … can we talk? Let’s go to the diner”, he said. We both went into the diner and took our seats.

            When we sat face to face, for a long time he said nothing and he just kept looking here and there. So I decided to break the silence. “What did you want to talk about, John?”

            “Look, I am sorry for the way I reacted that day”, he said.

            Again he said nothing for some time. I got frustrated. Why doesn’t he get to the point fast?

“So, that’s it. That’s all you’ve to say after more than a month”, I said a little brusquely. I instantly regretted it.

            “I am sorry, Katherine. Come on. This is all very new to me. I thought all this shapeshifter stuff only existed in books and movies. Now I know it’s real. I needed time to process all of that.”

            He is right. “I am sorry, for what I said. You’re right”, I said.

            “It’s ok.”

            “John, I understand if you don’t want to see me again. Just say it.” If he says that, it would break my heart. But there is nothing I can do about it. I prepared myself for the inevitable.

            He frowned. “Why would you think that?”

            “Because, you left me that day and for more than a month you wouldn’t talk to me. What am I supposed to think?”

            “I never left you. I just said I needed to think. And, I know it took such a long time.”

            I frowned and crossed my arms around my chest. “So, what did you decide?”

            “Look at first after knowing what you are, I thought it’s best I shouldn’t see you. I can just find another girl. It would be easy without any complications. I thought of cutting all ties with you. But as I thought deeper about it, I realized if I did that I didn’t know what to do without you. It would just suck. I didn’t like that. Then I thought why I was feeling this. Yes, I liked the woman who you came as that day in the pub. I don’t know why. But ever since I started seeing you as Eve, truth to be told I was attracted to the real you as well. I know it is wrong to think about some other girl when you are already seeing someone else. So if I decide not to see you again, I knew it would be the wrong one. Because I realized, I am in love with you as well. Not with Eve or Katherine, but the person you are inside. And after that I knew it was too late as I am in love with you and can’t walk away from you. So, I decided that I want you. That is only if you’ll have me.”

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