The next day after I woke up and had a shower, I prepared breakfast. Since it was Sunday, it was my turn to prepare the breakfast.

          “These pancakes taste awesome Katherine”, Karen complimented me.

          “Thanks” I said smiling.

          “You two should come to Pittsburg sometime. You never visit us. Mark and I would love to have you both.”

          “Sure. We will”, said mom. Mom finished her breakfast and said “Ok. I have got some work to do”. She started towards her office. 

          “Seriously, you have to work on Sundays too”, Karen said.

          “Yeah sometimes I have to but not always.” Mom went to her office.

          I was about to clean the dishes when Karen said “Katherine can I talk to you?”

          “Sure. What did you want to talk about?” I asked.

         “Not here. Let’s take a walk.” I changed into jeans and we both went out.

         After we were outside walking along the street, Karen said “Here I wanted to give you something.” She handed me locket. It was black colored chain with an object hanging from it. The object was circular in shape with a red colored stone centered on it. It looked like Ruby. It was beautiful.

         “Wow. This looks nice. Thanks Karen.” I put it on. It hanged freely around my neck.

         “Why the sudden gift?” I asked.

         “It’s to hide yourself”, she said. I looked at her not understanding. “What do you mean?” I asked.

         “Like I said before, shapeshifters can sense other shapeshifters. But when you wear this locket other shapeshifters can’t sense you. They will think you’re just another human. But you can still sense the others if they’re not wearing this. I have one too but haven’t worn it today.”

         “Wow. What is this really? I mean how does this locket work?”

         “You see the red stone in the locket, it hides our signature from other shapeshifters. It is made of gemstone called Red Beryl. Trust me it is very rare. The stone is spelled by a witch to which prevents other shapeshifters from sensing others of their kind. The shapeshifters wear it as a locket or a ring or even in their bracelets.”

          I kept looking at the stone which was hanging between my breasts. Who knew this stone could hide us from other shapeshifters. I still sensed Karen as a shapeshifter. And then I stopped walking. Karen said it’s spelled by a witch. “You said this is stone is spelled by a witch” I asked her.

          “Yup.” she said.

          “Seriously Karen, Witches? Are they even real?”

          “You are a shapeshifter, Katherine. How real do you think that is?

          Very real. I mean seriously, Witches? I thought they were supposed to be in movies and books. But then again, who am I kidding?

         “Before coming here, I suspected you may be one of us. So I took the help of a friend who is a witch and  had it made for you just in case. Turns out it didn’t go waste. Now that your powers are all activated just remember to wear it all the times.” She said the last sentence with a caution.

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