“So the sine of an angle is the ratio of opposite side to the hypotenuse.”

                   “It’s the ratio of their lengths in a right angled triangle right?”


                   “What about the cosine?”

                   “Cosine is the ratio of adjacent side to the hypotenuse.” I explained. I have been teaching John about trigonometric functions after school.

                  “Ok. Now I am getting something.”

                  “Just imagine a triangle and take an angle other than right angle. Then you can know these easily.”

                  “Yeah. Hey thanks for this. I know you didn’t have to do this.”

                  “It’s ok.” I started to blush. Get it together. He’s just saying thanks.

                  “So. I see you like maths.”

                  “Yeah. I do.”

                  “It’s good that I have a friend who’s a math genius.”

                  “I am not that much of a genius.” I said.

                  “So, tell me about yourself.”

                  “There’s not much to tell. I live with my mom. I am her only child. No siblings.”

                  “What about your dad?”

                  “He passed away before I was born” I said.

               “I am sorry”.

               “It’s ok. I never knew him.”

               “But you wish you knew.”

               “Yeah.” I said looking at him. He is so insightful. I thought.

               “So. What else do like to do. I mean like your hobbies?”

               Why is he asking me these questions?

               “Oh. Nothing special. Just watching TV and listening music in free time.” Oh. I also daydream about kissing you and occasionally I shapeshift into other people.

               We talked sometime. He said he lived with his mom and dad. He had an older sister who was a cop. Now that was something new.

               “So. See you at school tomorrow.” He started to leave.

               Here is you chance. Ask him now. Instead of asking him out, I said “Ok. Bye”.

               “Bye”. He said and left. Idiot! You chickened out again. Why can’t I control myself around him? If it goes on like this, how will I get close to him. I have to try next time. Or I will be stuck like this.

               After that epic failure, I went to Jenna’s bookstore. I hope I get the job. When I reached the bookstore, Jenna was there. She led me in. She introduced me to her grandfather.

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