After I got there I went straight into the restaurant to meet mom. I didn't know what I would say to her as she would be expecting her daughter. Since I was wanted criminal now, in the eyes of police, I couldn't risk being showing up as myself. But as Karen I thought I would be able to persuade her. And then I saw her. She was sitting at a table, searching all the faces.  I went straight to her table and sat beside her.

            A look of shock and surprise washed over her face. "Karen, what are you doing here?"

            I almost called her mom. I missed her. It was good to have her back. Then I remembered I right now I was wearing Karen's body. "I heard what happened. I came here as soon as I can. Sorry for not calling", I said with a concerned look.

            "No, no it's ok. I am glad you're here", she said and hugged me. I checked her neck for the locket shapeshifters wear to make sure she was my mom not Karen or Mark. There was no locket or stone. She was definitely my mom.

            After we pulled back she asked "How did you know I was going to be here?"

            Shit! What do I tell? "I .... I... Katherine called me. She said you were going to be here".

            "She called you? But she called me and asked to meet her here. Why didn't she come?"

           "Mo... Sarah she couldn't come because the police are looking for her. She couldn't risk coming here. So she sent me".

            "Where is she Karen?" she asked me gripping my hands her eyes full of worry and confusion. "I need to see her. I still don't understand what's going on. She would never hurt someone".

            I almost cried. I couldn't see her worried. "I know Sarah. I know. Come on let's get out of here. We'll go see her", I said. She nodded and we got up. As we were about to get into my car, we heard someone call "Mom" and I turned around to see who it was. I couldn't speak. It was me ... I mean Katherine. Panic rose inside me. But I didn't show it. I didn't know what to do so I just kept quiet. I have to figure out who this is. Karen or Mark.

            Mom went straight to her. "Katherine" she said and hugged her. "What's going on? I got a call from school that you're expelled and that you hurt someone. Please tell me what's going on?" mom asked.

            "Mom I am fine. You know I didn't do it. Someone framed me", Katherine said. God! It was still weird to see myself with my mother. I couldn't see this.

            "Katherine", I said glaring at her. "You said you'd stay put. Why did you risk coming here? Anyone could've seen you. Now get into the car."

            They both nodded and we got into the car. Mom took the back seat and we both took the front. As I drove, Katherine  said, " I just couldn't. I wanted to see mom" with emotion.

            "Oh! Baby. I am here now", mom said and patted  her. She was doing a better job at being me. It made me puke. I have to get rid of her. As we drove mom was talking about getting a good lawyer to build a case. Katherine just showed more of her acting skills pouring emotions and feelings. It only disgusted me. I have to get rid of her fast.

            Later I stopped at the gas station. After servicing, I asked mom "Sarah could you pay for the gas. I forgot my purse".

            "Sure", she said and got down.

            After she left I asked Katherine angrily, "What are you doing here?"

            "What are you doing here, Karen?"

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