After the school, I left for home. Mom was going for a business trip. Apparently the company she was working sent her a car which would take her to Philadelphia and from there she would take a flight. She’ll be gone for almost a month.

            “I’ve already deposited the cash in your account just in case of emergencies. And be careful at home. You’ll be all alone. Don’t let strangers into the house….”

            “Mom, stop! I’ll be fine. Just go okay. Be safe.” Of course I’ll be fine. If I am attacked by any thief or any burglar, I am sure I would take care of them, with my super strength. Unless they’re hunters.

            “Okay, take care honey. I’ll call you when I get there”, she said and kissed me.

            We said our goodbyes and then she left. After that I quickly went to the diner and completed my transformation into Eve and then went to the bookstore. When I went inside I saw Jenna. For a second I forgot that I am Eve and was about to talk to her just like I usually do. And then I remembered that she wouldn’t recognize me. To her I am someone else now.

            “Hey, Jenna. How are you? Haven’t seen you in a while?” I said.

            She gave me a weird look. “I am fine”, she said.

            I smiled sweetly and said, “How is Mr. Adams?”

            “He’s fine too”, she said somewhat irritated.

            I ignored that and asked “So, what brings you here?”

            “It’s my shop. I can come here whenever I want to. I don’t need your permission”.

            Whoa. What’s wrong with her? Why is she talking like this? I wondered if this had anything to with what she told Katherine this morning. “Jenna, what’s wrong? Did I do something to upset you?”

            “No, but you upset my friend.”

            “What are you talking about? Which friend? And how did I upset her?”

            “You’re seeing John aren’t you?”

            So this is about that. Katherine specifically asked her not to confront me about that but of course she didn’t listen.

            “And how would that upset your friend?” I asked narrowing my eyes and crossed my arms around my chest.

            “My friend has a crush on him. So you need to back off. Besides aren’t you too old for John”.

            I shook my head. Before even thinking what to say, I said, “Look, I am sorry your friend got hurt. But first, whom I date is not your concern. Second it’s not my fault your friend got upset. Third, John can date anyone he wants. So it’s really not your business.”

            I instantly regretted after those words got out of my mouth. I shouldn’t have been so rude with her. But Katherine asked her nicely not confront me this evening. I knew she was only looking out for her friend and that made me happy. But what she didn’t know was that Katherine and Eve are both the same person. This is so screwed up. But I can’t tell her my secret. I don’t know how she would react. In a way it’s my fault. I will definitely make it up to her later. I will.

            She was about to say something when John came inside. He stopped when he saw us. “Hey, Jenna”, he said.  She saw this and was even more agitated. “Perfect. Just perfect!” she said aloud and then left.

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