The next day at school, Jenna told me all about what happened at her bookstore. She said that her grandfather has been asking her to help him out at the bookstore which was torture to her.

          And then she said that some woman got the job, she’s happy that she didn’t have listen to her grandfather any more. If only she knew that the woman who got the job was none other than her best friend. If Karen sends me the fake ID, I would have to work at the bookstore after school.

            But the thing that was nagging me the most was that what John told me yesterday. Well he told Eve exactly. How do I confirm what he said is true or not? I saw John earlier. May be I should talk to him. But what would I say?  He is always hangs out with his friends Sean Roberts, Ryan Manning and Ryan’s girlfriend Amanda Hooper at school. May be I could turn into one of them and find out if he told them anything about Eve. But that would mean I would have to shift into opposite gender. I’ve never shifted into a male before. But even if I do, I don’t have boy clothes to wear. I will have to think of something. But then again I thought is it really necessary to go to such lengths just to know if John really loves Eve or is it just attraction. I mean he doesn’t even know Eve is really Katherine Winters. Eve Summers is just a mask I wear.

            After school, I still haven’t decided what to do with John situation. I have been thinking over this since yesterday and I was getting tired of it. I thought it was time to make a decision and I did. I went to the cloth store at the mall and bought jeans, a T-shirt and shoes. I told the shopkeeper it was for my brother. After that I went straight home.

           During the dinner, I told mom about the job at the bookstore. “You don’t have to work you know that. I can pay your college money” she said.

           “I know mom. Thanks. But you don’t have to. I want to go to college on my own.” I said.

           “I don’t think your salary from the bookstore would be enough to pay for college.”

            “If it is not enough, then you can pay the rest. It’s just that I don’t want to depend on anybody.”

            “I am your mother, Katherine. You can always depend on me. I would love to pay for college. Besides if you want money, you could always ask me.”

             That’s my mom. I am just lucky to have her as my mother. “I know mom. But still I want to make my own money.”

            “Ok. As you wish” she said.

            After dinner, I completed my homework and then I thought about what I would do tomorrow. It was risky. May be I should just drop it. But then again I couldn’t.

           The next morning, I packed the boy clothes I bought yesterday and then left for school.

        At the school, I saw John in the class. He smiled and waved at me. I waved back. After the class John came to me and said “Hey, can you help me with the Math again. I really need help with it and you’re the only one who’s good at it”.

“Of course. Sure. When do we meet up?” I asked excited.

“I will let you know. Ok.”

“Sure”, I said.

“Thanks, Katherine. I know I could always count on you. You look beautiful today.” he smiled and left me blushing.  

So, now I have a chance to find out about what he thinks about Eve. May be I don’t have to shift into someone else to find out. But still he didn’t tell me when we would meet. But I can’t control my anxiety and wait for him to call me. I made my decision.

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