“What?” I said shocked by her response. She just kept staring. Before she was about to talk to explain I said, “Are you kidding?” I looked at her face. She wasn’t kidding.

              “No. No, I am not leaving this town.”

            “Katherine, those hunters will come here for sure. And they will start investigating his death which will eventually lead to you. You can’t be here. It’s not safe”, she said.

            “No, absolutely not. I can’t leave my mom. Besides my whole life is here and I’ve got school.” And I’ve got John. I can’t leave him now after the date.

            She put a hand on my shoulder, her face looked worried. “I know. But still you are not safe here. Come with me. I can protect you. You will be safe. Look, we’ll make something up. We can convince your mom about sending you to better boarding school or whatever.”

            “How are you going to do that?”

            “I don’t know. I will convince her myself or by someone else.”

            “And by someone else means you. You’re going to change into someone else.”

            “I don’t know, may be. Please Katherine, I care about you.”

            “I can’t. You’re afraid that they will come for me. How? The hunter is dead. He is the only person who saw me. Even if they come here they wouldn’t know where to look or who to look for.”

            “Katherine, you don’t know about them. They’re dangerous. Please, trust me.”

            “I am sorry Karen. But I can’t leave. I can’t leave mom alone”, I said firmly.

            She sighed and looked away from me, apparently defeated. After sometime she said, “Fine. Okay. If you don’t want to leave I won’t force you. But you have to at least let me watch out for you.”

            That sounded reasonable. I started to talk when said, “Don’t say no to this Katherine.” She was insistent. “Okay, okay. But how are you going to do that? Are you going to stay here with me?” I said.

            “I don’t know. I have to talk to Mark first. If not me, I will have someone else to look out for you.”

            “You are going to send someone else. Who is it?”

            “I don’t know, but I’ll let you know. For now you go home, ok.”

            “Ok. Hey where are you going to stay?”

            “Oh. Shit! I didn’t think about that at all.  I just came here this morning and since then I was in the hospital and then in the police station finding the info on the hunter.”

            “Come with me. We’ll go home.”

            “And what are you going to tell Sarah? How will you explain, me coming over to your house?”

            I thought about that. Then I got an idea. “You can shift into one of my friends. I can tell mom we’re having a sleepover”, I said.

            “It’s a good idea. But I’ve never seen your friends.”

            “I will shift into my best friend Jenna. Then you can shift to look like her.”

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