"How did this happen?" John asked. I came back to John's house since I couldn't go to my own. I asked Jenna to go to her home. She said that she would come with me but I insisted to go to her home since I didn't want her involved. I asked her to be careful.

            "It's Mark. It's all his doing. I left him at school and he must've... well.... he must've hit them", I said. I then told everything that happened at school.

            "God! They just can't leave you alone, can't they?"

            "Yeah, Karen is really pissed that she couldn't get my power. Now she's getting what seems like revenge".

            "How are they? The people who are in the hospital?"

            "I don't know. The cops said they were in critical state. I really hope they'd make it though.

Now the whole school thinks I am crazy".

            Tears began to form in my eyes. I thought they'd plan something again but I'd never expected they'd hurt someone and make it look like I did it. Now the police are after me. Shit! This could really ruin my future. Not could, it already is ruined I thought. But this isn't even the worst. What if mom finds about this? Of course the school management would call my mom. God! What would I tell her?

            "Hey, are you okay?" John asked as he came close to me, his palm at my cheek.

            "No, I am not. What if mom finds about this?" I said burying my head in his chest.

            "I don't know Katherine", he said placing his arms around me.

            "With what happened, she'll definitely know about this. What would I tell her?"

            "Hey, hey, calm down. The people in the hospital are not dead okay", John said.

            "But the police are out to arrest me, John. I don't know what to do".

            He was quite for a moment. "Then we need to prove that it's not you who hurt them".

            I pulled back and stared at him. "What? How are we going to do that?"

            "I don't know. It's really tough. But we'll figure it out".

            "John..." I turned away from him. "May be you shouldn't be with me. All of this has gone out of control. Please get out of it before it's too late", I said.

            He turned me around. "Stop talking like that. I won't leave you".

            "Why not, John? Please try to understand. I don't want you in any trouble. If anything happens to you, I can't stand it", I literally begged him.

            "If the situations were reversed and if asked you the same thing, would you leave me?"

            He got me there. "That... that... is....that's different. Look..." he stopped me before I could say anything further.

            "No, it's not that different. So stop arguing Katherine".

            Stubborn idiot, of course he wouldn't listen. As much as it frustrated me, I was happy that he didn't listen.

            "Okay", I said.

            "Okay, so what do we do now?" John asked.

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