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           It wasn’t long before I woke up. Thanks to my super healing powers. As I woke up I saw the clear night sky with the moon and trees above. I was in the woods. I looked around. How did I get here? More importantly, where was Karen? Did the hunters got to her too? My mind was bombarded with all these questions.

            I stood up and noticed that I was still in the body of the blonde I had shifted before coming into the cabin. I examined the area. What was strange was that a circle was drawn around me on the ground with some kind of a white powder. Outside near the circle, there was table was kept. On it I saw that there was something glowing. On looking closely, I noticed that they were the three stones I saw before someone knocked me out. On the either side of them there were two bowls, with flames of fire burning in them. Who had arranged all of this? I again thought of Karen. I have to find her. When I tried to walk out of the circle, I was hit hard by a wall. I was stunned. I couldn’t see nothing. But when I tried again, I was hit by the wall again. I tried a few more times it was no use. I even tried getting out from other end of the circle. Looks like I was trapped inside an invisible force field.

            Now I really panicked. I need to get out of here. I banged the invisible wall with all my super strength. But still it was no use. I was really trapped here.

            “Don’t bother”, came a voice from behind me.

            I turned around and was relieved to see it was Karen. She had shifted back into her real body. She came towards me and stood outside the circle.

            “Karen, thank God you’re okay”, I said.

            “I am fine, Katherine”, she said looking all over the circle I was trapped in.

            “Karen, the hunters knocked me out and trapped me. I can’t get out of this circle. Looks like some kind of invisible wall. We need to get out of here before they come back. Wait… did you get the antidote for Mark?” I asked her remembering why we came here.

            “What antidote?” came another voice from behind her. It was Mark. He looked okay. He walked and stood beside Karen. I was shocked and stunned to see him. Karen said he was in a coma. Now he is here standing in front of me. What was going on?

            “Seriously!” Karen looked at him. “You had to spoil the fun right away, didn’t you? I told you not to come here yet”, she said looking pissed off.

            “Sorry darling. I couldn’t wait to see the big event”, he said.

            What is going on? Why are they talking like that?

            “Karen, what is going on?” I asked her confused.

            She then looked at me smiling. “Sorry, Katherine. I was about to tell you this slowly. But my husband here spoiled everything.”

            I looked at both of them still confused. “What are you talking about, Karen?”

            “You see Katherine, I have to tell you something. But before that, I have to tell you another thing.”

            I still looked confused.

            “You see shapeshifters can usually shift into any person they like. They’re strong and immortal. But there are some shapeshifters who are even more powerful. They’re called Reborns. They’re very rare. There hasn’t been a Reborn since hundreds of years. They’re born like any other shapeshifters and grow up like any other. But after few years, their powers will be increased immensely. They undergo some kind of process and after that they’re blessed with more amplified powers. And it turns out you are one of the Reborn”

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