"Mom, everything is fine", I told my mom who had called me the next morning. A day had passed and Karen and Mark were not able to find me. So now they can't get my new powers. I was still in bed with John, his arm was around me.

"Ok, I will be there in within 2 weeks. Just take care of yourself".

"Okay, I love you", I said.

"Love you too, sweety", she said and ended the call. With all that is going on with my life right now, I missed mom. But then again, I was glad she wasn't here. Otherwise Karen and Mark would've gone after mom. I needed someone to talk about all of this. It's not that John doesn't understand but I wanted some girl's perspective.

I removed John's arm around me and woke up. I need to get a shower. I looked at John's face, so beautiful. He was still asleep. I kissed him on his forehead. After taking shower, I found out that I had no clothes. Then again I remembered I could make my own clothes now. One of the perks of being a Reborn. I concentrated and willed the change. Clothes began to materialize on me. I now had a black t-shirt and leather jacket, jeans and knee length boots. I adjusted my hair down.

After that I woke up John. "Come back to bed", he said. I wanted to crawl back on the bed with him. But we still had school. "Come on John, we've to go to school. We're already late", I said. He kissed me and then woke up and went to shower.

As I was waiting for him, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number. I picked it up. "Hello", I said.

"Hello, Katherine", the voice said.

I recognized the voice instantly. I went rigid and asked "What do you want Karen?"

"Well I did want your powers. Now it seems I can't have it. It was smart, Katherine. Your escapade from the cabin. I didn't see that coming. You even took the witch and those stones so that I couldn't find you. Very smart."

So Natasha did take those stones. "Did you call here to complement me?" I went outside the room so that John couldn't hear any of this.

"Yes, but also to tell you that you are going to help me kill the people who are after me. Since I can't have your powers, I just have to use you."

"Go to hell, Karen. I would never help you".

"Oh, you will my sweet niece. Because if you don't, then the people you love are going to get hurt. Say for like your mom, your friend Jenna and your boyfriend John Michaels."

That stopped me cold. "You wouldn't".

"Oh, yes I would. Here's what we are going to do. Either you come with me and we leave town or those people are going to get hurt."

"Screw you", I said. There was no way I was going to help her.

"Wrong choice, Katherine. Perhaps you'll make the right one to the acts of violence. I expected this. So I sent Mark to find your friend Jenna."

"No", I said panicking.

"Bye Katherine", she said and the line went dead.

I have to find Jenna first. Stop her from going to school. Just as I was about to call Jenna, John came down. He saw my panicked face and touched my cheek. "Hey what's wrong? Who were you talking to?"

"It's Karen. She threatened me to hurt you and Jenna if I didn't help her."

"What? Help her with what?"

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