"Hey", Jenna said.

"Hey", I said and got into her car.

We drove to school. We lived in a town called Devonsville in the state of Pennsylvania. Devonsville high school was a 15 minute drive from my house.

"You know you could drive a little slow. What's the rush", I asked. She drove recklessly. I don't know when we're gonna hit someone or something.

"You know I like driving fast. Besides you could get your own car".

"I could. Actually I am thinking which car to buy". I was thinking of getting my own car. My mom offered to buy me a car on my 18th birthday which was 2 months away.

"Good" said Jenna.

"Are you tired of driving me around?"

"You know I am not", she smiled. Jenna is my best friend. We have been like that since we were little. We tell each other everything. Only I didn't tell her about my powers.

"I hope senior year will good", I said. High school is like a purgatory. Just one more year and I can go to college. I actually was looking forward to it.

"I know. Can't wait to get out of here", said Jenna completing my thought. I just wanted to save enough money to go to college. I told Mom I could get a job and she was happy to hear it. She also offered to pay for college if I didn't save enough money. I wanted to get into college on my own money. I need to get a part time job. Not that we had shortage of money. Mom was software engineer working at Apple. She's been working for them from home.

We pulled up in the school parking lot.

Devonsville high school was a 3 floored building built in 'L' shape. Mostly it was built with bricks. Around it were many small buildings. It also had a large playground behind which had a basket ball court and many other sports grounds. There were students every where talking, laughing, even kissing.

We had Math first period and made our way to class. I liked Math. Hell I was good at it.

We entered the class and took our seats.

"Oh look who's here. It's the Two Idiots of Devonsville".

Argh! It's the Fembots.

"Going to creep away to rest room at lunch time". That was Lydia who had an evil grin on her face, twirling her long blond hair around her fingers.

"Of course she is. Poor Katherine". The Fembots screamed with laughter. I got angry and was about to get up but Jenna caught my hand. "Ignore them" she said.

I looked at her and them. Jenna was right. I really need to work on my temper. Every school has Fembots. 'One more year and I can get out' I thought to myself.

Just then Mr. Benson entered the class. He was about to start the class but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

John Michaels stood at the door.

"You can come in Mr. Michaels" , Mr. Benson said.

He sauntered into the class. I had to give it to him. He was handsome with his tall body, black wavy hair, blue eyes and toned body.

And he was a friend of mine whom I have been crushing for a long time. Not a close friend but he was nice to me. With his good looks he could have any girl he wanted. The Fembots had already tried but he didn't show any interest in them. I liked him but I wasn't gonna show him that. Not yet anyway. I still have to figure out if I really loved him or was simply attracted to him.

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