I pulled out at the parking lot of the school. Sean was already there waiting for me. “Dude, I’ve been waiting here for eons”, he said frustrated. I asked him earlier to wait for me at the parking lot.

            “Stop complaining, you’ll live”, I said walking up to him. Just then I saw Katherine get out of a car. As far as I know she usually gets a ride from Jenna. Today the car was different and there was some woman with her. She looked like she was about the same age as Eve. I wondered who she was.

            “Where is Ryan?” I asked turning to Sean.

            “Oh! I don’t know. Busy with his tongue inside Amanda’s mouth.”

            I laughed. “He’s really serious about her, isn’t he?”

            “Who knows? Let’s see how far it goes.”

            “What about you? Any luck with Jenna? You do have hots for her, don’t you?”

            “Not yet dude. But I won’t give up. What about you? Lydia is dying to be your girlfriend”, he gestured at Lydia who was standing with her minions across us. She waved at me greeting me.

            I just smiled and waved at her. “Please! Her? No way. She’s pretty and hot, but not girlfriend material. I don’t want to end up being her lapdog. Besides I am already seeing someone.”

            “Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Your mysterious girl who you wouldn’t tell us about. You said you went on a date right? How did that go? Did you get laid?”

            “The date went great and no I didn’t get laid. We are taking things slow”, I said as I remembered my kiss with Eve that night. God! I could still feel her kiss. I just couldn’t understand why I am so drawn to her. I knew it was wrong as she was older than me. But she was worth it and I was pretty sure she had feelings for me too. I texted her immediately.


                                    Missing you.


            “Come on man. You disappoint me”, Sean said.

            “Shut up. Let’s go inside.” We walked towards the class and immediately the reply came.

                                    Miss you too.


            I texted her again asking if we could meet tonight. The reply came after some time

                                    Love that. Let’s meet at the bookstore after my shift ends.



            I just ended texting and was excited to see Eve again, just then someone bumped into me and that person’s phone fell down at my feet. I looked up to see who it was only to find Katherine. She looked like she was shocked to see me. Her phone just rang with a text alert on the ground. I looked down to see the phone’s screen and saw the text ‘Done’. That’s weird. I just sent that text. I bent down to pick it up, but before I could reach it she picked it up quickly like I was someone who was about to steal her phone.

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