The next day as I was about to go to school, mom told me she will be going out of town for a few days. “It’s just work. Apparently this is something I can’t work from here. So I have to be there”, she said.

            “Okay, so when will you be back?”

            “It’s just a few weeks. May be 3 or 4. Will you be okay all by yourself?”

            “Mom I am not a kid anymore. I’ll be fine. So when do you have to go?”

            “This evening.”

            “What? Today? That’s too fast. It is sudden. Are you sure you’ll be fine?”

            “Mom, I will be fine. I can cook for myself. Don’t worry.”

            “I know”, she said and kissed on my chin. I heard the horn sound. Jenna is here. I went out running. I was excited to meet John.

            “You seem super excited. What’s the matter?”

            I really wanted to tell her about what’s going on with my life recently. But instead I said, “It’s nothing.”

            “Ok. Hey, I have been meaning to tell you something for some time.”

            “Ok, tell me.”

            “It’s about John”.

            About John? What is she talking about? What about John?”

            “I know you have huge crush on him and probably in love with him…”

            “Jenna, just say it”, I cut her off.

            “I think he’s seeing someone”.

            “What!” I said shocked and confused. “Jenna, what are you talking about? And how do you know this?”

            “I’m saying that John is dating someone. And I know this because I saw them for myself.”

            “Wait, wait, wait, when did you see?”

            “A few days ago at the Excello. They were on a date. I saw it all. They even kissed.”

            Oh! No! That’s where John and I went for our first date. She must have seen Eve. But I still asked her “Who is she? Anyone I know?”

            “Her name is Eve Summers. She works in our bookstore.”

            “Oh! I don’t know her”, I said. She had no idea that Eve is just another body I wear.

            “I am sorry Katherine. I know you’ve been pining for him”, she said apologetically.

            “It’s ok”, I said. Shit! How did she even see me that day? How come I didn’t see her? Because your eyes were glued to John I thought. And she must’ve seen it all.

            “Are you ok? This must be hurtful” she said.

            “I am fine.”

            “You seem to be handling it very well.”

            “It’s ok Jenna.”

            “Okay. Anyway I can’t believe that bitch.” Whoa, I turned to look at her gasping. She only swears when she is really angry. Right now she looks angry at Eve. I mean me.

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