How the hell did she know about that? I haven’t told anyone and I kept it a secret for a long time. My eyes grew wide and I widened my mouth in shock.

              “What are you talking about?” I asked.

              “Stop it Katherine. You don’t have to hide it from me. I knew what you are when I was about to reach your house. I can sense it. I think you should have known about this too. You did sense me didn’t you?”

              Yeah. I did sense her. “But how is it possible?” I asked her.

              “Its simple. Shifters can sense other shifters. That’s how I knew you are one. Tell me how long have you been shifting?”

              “About a year”.

              “That long.” She asked surprised. “How did you learn to shift?”

              Then I explained how I accidentally changed my hair to blond while reading a magazine and after that how I was able to shift my body parts and then how I came to learn to shift completely into someone else’s body. After I finished she was shocked, surprised and impressed all at once.

             “You turned into your mom? You were careful weren’t you?”

             “Yeah. I was in my room”, I said.

             “I thought I had to teach you everything about the shifting. You saved me a lot of effort. Looks like you already know half of the shifter’s abilities.”

             “What do you mean half of the abilities?”

              “I mean shifters also have other abilities other than shapeshifting.”

              “Like what?”

              “You really don’t know anything about our kind do you?”

               I shook my head.

               “It’s ok. I will tell you”. She went and closed the door. Then we sat on my bed.

               “Shapeshifters can shift into anybody at will. You can shift into men, women and even children. We can’t change our clothes. Only our body. But we can’t shift into animals though. Along with the shifting we also have good memory. This is very useful in shifting so that we remember all the features of a person we shift into. And there also super strength and heightened senses. We heal quickly in a matter of seconds. Our blood can also heal other humans. You can also sense other shifters when they are near.”

             “I know about the shifting, the photographic memory. But I don’t have super strength and super sensing.”

             “Really. Have you ever tried? Because if you tried, you would know. You didn’t know because you  thought you could only shift. If you try then you would know about your other  powers.”

             Then I thought about it. I knew about my photographic memory because I tried to remember the list at the book store. I started to sense my aunt today because she was a shifter. I have to try my other powers.

             “Tell me everything about shapeshifters. Are there more like us? How come I am able to shift? Does mom know about this?” I bombarded her with questions.

              “Slow down, Katherine. I will tell you everything about our kind. There are not many of us. But yes there are others like us. You are able to shift because it runs in our family. The gene is passed down through generations. Sometimes it may skip a generation. And no, I don’t think your mom knows about this.”

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