Something jolted me out of unconsciousness. I slowly opened my eyes and felt the pain across my cheek. Someone slapped me. I didn't have to guess who it was.

"Wake up sunshine", Karen said as I looked up at her. My mind raced with thoughts of what to do. Fight or flight. How did she even get in here. Natasha said she put a spell on my house.

"How did you get inside?" I asked.

"Oh! You mean the protective shield. That was easy to break. If you have a witch on your side". She looked back over her shoulder and said "You can come now".

What happened next shocked me. Natasha came and stood beside her. I couldn't believe I got played again.

"You, I thought you were helping me. I trusted you", I said.

"I am sorry, Katherine", she said smiling.

"Why", I asked.

"You see, money is a very motivating factor Katherine", she said.She sided with Karen. And now she is my enemy.

"You know you shouldn't have sent Mark to prison", she slapped me again. I tried to move but I couldn't. It was like some invisible force is holding me down. I looked at Natasha. So it was her doing.

"Yeah, well he was kind of stupid. What did you see in him anyway?" I said. I must've touched a nerve. She hit me again. Hard. I winced with pain.

"Well that wouldn't be a problem anymore. I'll have the spell on him lifted and release him. And then I'll go after everyone you love. Too bad your mother isn't here. But you don't have shortage of loved ones. Your friend Jenna. And then there is John".

I looked up at her. No, no, no. Not him. I have to stop her. I have to do something. Fast.

"You see I want you to watch while I do horrible things to them. I want you to watch them die."

I may not be able to get up. I looked around me to get hold of something. I remembered my cell phone was still in my pants.

"Watch her. And remove that spell on Mark. I'll go get him back", said Karen.

"He's in jail. How are going to get him out", Natasha asked.

"I am shapeshifter, Natasha. It'll be easy", Karen said. I've to stop her.

Natasha closed her eyes and began chanting. After sometime she opened her eyes. "It's done", she said.

I took at my cell phone and threw it at Natasha's face with all my force. It hit her head pretty hard. I even heard a cracking sound. I don't know if it was from my phone or her head. She immediately dropped down. The invisible force holding me down vanished.

Karen's eyes widened at this. I quickly lunged at her. She kicked me in the stomach. I reeled back with pain. She came at me. We both fell to ground. This time I went on top of her. I began punching her. I just kept punching with all my strength. I was a Reborn now much more stronger. She tried to fight. I was stronger than her. I kept punching her until she lost consciousness. I even broke her face bones. When I was done her face was covered with blood. I got up. I saw what I had done to Karen. She'll heal. She'll be up quickly I thought.

I looked over at Natasha. She was on ground holding her head. I went to her and kneeled near her. "You, put that spell back on Mark".

"I...I can't", she said with pain. No, she's going to die. It must've hurt pretty badly. What have I done? I thought.

"Please ... please help me", she said.

"No, put that spell back first. Then I'll save you", I said not trusting her a bit.

"I can't. I'm hurt. I...I can't do the spell like this".

"I am not saving you unless you put that spell back".

She began panting. "Drink my blood. Turn...turn into me. Do the spell", she said.

Her words took a few seconds to sink into me. I can get a person's memories by drinking their blood and shifting into them. But to get their powers... I had no idea. May be it must be Reborn thing.

I looked down at her. I quickly touched her head with my fingers where it was still bleeding. Then I licked her blood from my fingers. I quickly shifted into her. Within seconds I was wearing her body. As soon as I shifted into her all her memories came to me. They flooded my brain. There were too many of them. My head began to ache. I held my head in my hands.

"Concentrate...on the spell", she said.

I concentrated on the spell and began searching her memories. I could see all her memories. Her friends, her family, she had a boyfriend who is younger than her. After some time I got the spell.

"I got it", I said with her voice.

"Now... close your...eyes and say the spell", she said.

I did as she told me. As I began saying the spell, I could feel the power flowing through my body. A different kind of power. Witch power. Magic. I am a witch now. The power thrilled me. After I finished chanting the spell all that power just vanished. So that's how it feels being a witch. I opened my eyes. I looked at Natasha. She just stared blankly. No, she couldn't be dead. I quickly found a knife in the kitchen and cut my wrist. I went to her and placed my wrist at her mouth. She wasn't drinking.

"No, no, no", I said. "Natasha, wake up". I began shaking her. What did I do? I listened to her heartbeat. I couldn't hear it. She was gone. Shit. I should've saved her first.

"You're damn right. You should've saved me first" a voice echoed in my head. Natasha's voice. What is happening to me? How could I hear her voice in my head? I held my head.

"Well you did drink my blood" it said.

"No this can't be. How is this possible?" I said.

"When you drink a person's blood and shift into them, you get all their memories, their mannerisms, everything", she said.

"No, you're not real", I said aloud.

"You're right. I am not real" she said.

No, no. There is someone else in my head. This is crazy. I closed my eyes and shifted back to myself. I listened. Her voice is gone now. I can't hear it. It seems like it happens only when I become her.

I'll have to think about that later. I looked around and got up. Now how do I clean all of this. What about Natasha? Tears welled up in my eyes. She may have betrayed me but I didn't want her to die. I should get rid of the body. There is nothing else to do now. I can't go back. Karen was still unconscious. It's taking her longer than expected to heal. I left her there.

I dragged Natasha's body outside. I looked around. Luckily no one was there to see. I quickly loaded her body in the car. It was easy carrying her body with my strength. Without wasting my time, I began driving. Fast. After sometime I was out of town. I drove quickly into the woods. After I saw a desolate place, I stopped. I took the crowbar which I brought from the house. I quickly dug into the ground and buried her body inside.

I felt like a murderer. I never expected this, never wanted this to happen. I broke down and began crying. I cried for a long time. "I am sorry", I said. I have to live with this.

I got up and drove home. I've to think about what to do with Karen. I reached home and went inside. I was shocked. I couldn't find her. Shit. She must've healed and escaped. Shit. Shit. Now she's gonna go after everyone I love, Jenna, John. This is all my fault. Now they're not safe. As long as I am here, they'll be in danger. I have to leave. What about John? I thought. My heart broke at the thought of him. I can't leave him. I love him. But if I stay he won't be safe. If I leave, he'll be safe. Karen wants me to watch while she hurt them. If I am not here, then I won't be able to see that. She wouldn't go after them because I won't be there when she hurt them. The realization hit me like a hammer blow. It would hurt me thousand times worse. But I've to do this. This is the only way to keep him and Jenna safe.

I heard the door bell ring. I went to the window to see who it was. It was John. My insides twisted. I couldn't do this. He would be heartbroken. But I have to. To keep him safe. I made my decision. I went to the door. Before I opened the door, I looked at myself. After that I shifted. Now I looked at myself. I was wearing mom's body. And then I opened the door.

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