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               I can’t die like this. Not today. I have to do something. The hunter came at me raising his weapon to cut off my head while I was still laid down on the ground. Do something you idiot! I thought. The injury on my leg had healed. Just as he neared me, I swung my other leg and hit his legs. He screamed and fell down on the ground. I got up quickly, grabbed my bag and turned around to run. Then I stopped. I turned back. He was slowly beginning to get up. To buy more time, I went and kicked into his stomach. That kick sent him rolling more than a few feet away. Super strength I thought and ran without looking back.

            I came out of the empty alley into the street. I still had more like two streets to get home. I might have kicked him hard, but I knew that wasn’t enough. I looked back and there was no sight of him. I can’t have him following me to my home. I have to lose him somehow. But how? Devonsville didn’t have any cabs since it’s a small town. And I don’t have a vehicle yet. First thing is first. I stopped and took the locket out from my bag and put it on around my neck.

            And the next thing, I have to shift into someone else. I didn’t want anybody to see Katherine running frantically around the streets. It was late but there were still some people on the streets. I have to find a place to shift. I began running on the street until I found another alley which connected to another street. I ducked into the alley and fortunately it was empty. I have to shift into someone who can’t be recognized. I stopped and concentrated on the image of a blond girl I just saw a few days back on TV.  My face started to rearrange and my long wavy brown hair changed into blond and shortened and stopped just below my face. The shift was quick since it was limited only to my head. After that just as I was about to run, someone rammed into me from behind. It was the hunter. We both fell to the ground. I struggled to free myself from his constricting hands around my chest. He was holding the object again in his hands but it wasn’t glowing. “You changed your face again, bitch. Smart. But that isn’t enough to save you”, he said into my ear.

            Since I was stronger, I easily freed myself by pulling his hands. Just as I was about to get up and run he tried to catch my leg but I kicked him again and began to run. I looked over my shoulder and saw him getting up slowly. After crossing the alley, I entered the street. I decided to cross the road and go to the other side. There were vehicles moving on the street but I crossed it anyway. Some of the vehicles applied brakes and drivers began to curse me. I crossed the road and looked at the alley. Just when the hunter came running from the alley, he bumped into the person he didn’t see coming on the foot path.

            Both of them fell on the road but the hunter fell a little further on the road. I was still on the footpath on the other side of the road. Just as he got up, a moving car rammed into him from behind. The impact tossed him over the car as he fell on top of the car and kept rolling onto its back until he hit the ground. The object he was holding in his hands fell from his hands and fell near the curb of the footpath few feet away from where I was standing. I who was watching all of this was in shock. I covered my mouth with both of my palms. The hunter fell on the ground, his body resting now at unnatural angle. Oh my God! Was he dead?

            My legs were not moving after seeing the accident that took place before my eyes. Within a few seconds, pool of people gathered around him examining, yelling to call 911 or an ambulance. The moving vehicles stopped. I still stood there watching all of this not able to believe my eyes. After sometime I heard sirens of the police and the ambulance. I came to my senses. I should walk away from this or else I will be in more deep shit. Just I was about to turn around and I saw the object the hunter was holding. I went and picked it up. It was a small sphere which had a compass inside it. I put it in my jeans pocket and began to walk away normally as the hunter was being loaded into the ambulance. I headed home.

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