It started out just like any other normal day. Actually it was Monday, the start of the week and I hated Mondays. I woke up, showered. I dried my hair and put on jeans and a long sleeved black T-shirt. I took another pair of jeans and shirt and packed it in my school bag. I hope I didn't need that today, but just in case.

I combed my long black hair and applied a little make-up. Before going down, I looked at my face in the mirror. "Just once and be quick", I told myself. I closed my eyes and concentrated.

I focused on the person's image in my mind. As usual it started. I felt a tingling sensation and then I felt my facial muscles rearrange. After that the change flowed downwards as my height lowered a little and my bones started to restructure themselves. The change always made me shudder. It was slightly uncomfortable and my entire body would sting for a few minutes but the sting would go away quickly.

I opened my eyes. I have done this so many times and still was amazed when I looked at my reflection. My best friend's face stared back at me. I had now golden blond hair, heart shaped face, high cheek bones and green eyes. Overall it was a pretty face. I kept looking down at myself as my shirt and jeans felt a little loose now. My body has slimmed down.

"Hi. I'm Jenna", I said and smiled. It felt weird when I heard her voice coming out of my mouth. "Ok. Now change back", I said. I closed my eyes and concentrated. Changing back was quick. I looked into my mirror and saw my own face. I had a round face and brown eyes. I thought of myself as pretty. And also I can change into any person I want. All I have to do is concentrate on the image of the person I want change into.

I don't know how I got this ability. I came to know about it accidentally. A year ago, I was reading a magazine in my room and I saw a model. I was thinking how beautiful her hair was and I looked at mine which was black. Not that I didn't like my hair. I had a good hair which fell to my back long and wavy. And then suddenly I felt my scalp prickle. I started to scratch and then I saw my hair. I was shocked to see its color changing. In a few seconds my hair reduced to my shoulders and I had a blond hair. Scared I ran to my mirror and saw my face. I had a blond hair! I touched my hair and it was straight. I then saw that my now straight hair was similar to that of someone but I didn't know who. And then I realized and I went to pick up the magazine.

I saw the same shoulder length blond haired model.

I didn't know what to do to change my hair back. I tried closing my eyes and concentrated hard. Nothing happened. I was getting terrified. What was happening to me? How could I change my hair? I thought of calling out my mom and then how could I explain it to her that I changed my hair. So I tried to calm down and concentrated. Then I felt the same prickling sensation. As I saw, my hair lengthened and came back to my original color. I was so relieved.

After that again I tried to change my hair few times when I was alone but failed. And then I got it right one day. I imagined my hair changing into blond. That did it. My hair was blond now but was of same length only its color had changed. I changed it back to black. And then to blond. I tried this few times. I noticed that I can do this any number of times.

I tried starting to experiment with my new ability. First I experimented with my hair changing it blond, brown, red, short, long. And then I started with my eyes. I changed them to different colors green, blue, hazel and many more. Once I even gave myself bigger breasts. I was actually enjoying my new found power. I thought shapeshifters only existed in books and movies but now I was one. I started to wonder if there were more like me. Who cares? I was enjoying this.

I decided to keep my power a secret. I loved mom but I couldn't show them. I didn't know how she would react. If she saw me as a freak of nature, I couldn't bear it. I didn't even tell Jenna about this too.

After trying my power on my body parts, I decided to push even more. One day I wondered if I could change my entire body. I thought about who to change into and then I decided. I pictured my mom's image in my mind.

The feeling was so much different from changing my hair. I felt my whole body lengthen. My bones started to elongate and rearrange themselves. It was uncomfortable at first. It's like as if my whole body is pricked with pins. After some time the uncomfortable feeling was gone. I went to the mirror and was shocked to see my mom. I touched my mom's face, I mean my face. I now had short brunette hair, large brown eyes. I couldn't believe what I saw. I looked exactly like my mom. I wondered if my voice sounded like her. "Hello. How are you?" I said. I still had my voice. I adjusted my voice a little and tried again. "Hello. How are you?" I sounded exactly like mom.

From then I kept on shifting in secret which over the time I had full control over it. I found that I can hold the shape I take as long as I want. I didn't know why and how I got this ability but I am enjoying it fully.

"Katherine! You're gonna be late for school. Jenna's gonna be here any minute. Hurry up". I rushed down. I was already late. I went to kitchen.

"Come have some breakfast" my mom said.

"I am already late. I'll eat something at school." I said and I kissed my mom.

Just then I heard the car's horn. Jenna's here. "Bye Mom", I said and headed out.

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