The following day after school John and I met up at the library so that I could teach him Math. We studied Calculus today. John was right. He really needed tutoring for Math. After an hour, John said “Hey, let’s get something to eat. I am hungry.”

            “You just had lunch two hours ago. Now you are hungry?” I asked.

            “Just to get some coffee. What do you say?”

            “Ok.” I said. May be I can ask him what I wanted to know. We went to the café near our school. I’ve been thinking a lot since yesterday about how to bring up this topic. At last I decided to go through direct approach.

            “Hey, can I ask you something?” I asked.


            “How come you don’t have a girlfriend? I mean you’re handsome, popular and smart except in Math.”

            “So you think I am handsome?” he looked at me questioningly.

            I started to blush. “Yeah. Of course you are.”

            “Thanks. But what I am looking for is a real relationship. Most girls I have met just want to date but they were not serious. My parents fell in love and married at a young age and they are still together and very much in love. So I kind of want the same thing. I know it all sounds like old school.”

            “No, no. I think I get it. So you haven’t found someone you like?” I was eager to know his answer but I didn’t let it show.

            “Actually, there is someone. I do like her and I think she likes me too. Let’s see where it goes.”

            “Who is she? Anyone from the school?”

            “No, she is not from the school.”

            “Seems like you really like her.”

            “Yeah. I do.” he said. So he really likes me. I mean Eve. He drank his coffee and then asked “So, enough about me. What about you?”

            “What about me?”

            “Don’t you have a boyfriend? I never saw you with anyone.”

            “No. I don’t.”

            “So you haven’t found the guy you like?”

            I have and he is sitting right in front of me. “No, not yet” I said.

            “For the record, I think you’re very beautiful.” I blushed again. John thinks I am beautiful. I was dancing inside with joy.

            “Thanks,” I said.

            “I am sure any guy would be lucky to have you,” he said.

            I want that guy to be you I thought. I just smiled.

            After we had our coffee, we left the café. John walked me to the bus stop and then we said our goodbyes and he left. I just couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face. John liked Eve and I really do like him too, I mean Eve does. A part of me is very happy. But there was a nagging feeling that I am not able to shake it off. John liked Eve. But the truth is Eve isn’t real. She is just a result of my creation. I just changed into her just to have some fun at that night. But what I didn’t see coming that night was John falling for Eve Summers even though Eve is 6 years older than him.

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