I looked at John who searched frantically among the people outside. He was hurt. It was clear. And it hurt me even more. Did I make the right choice? I don't know. I just wanted badly to go back into his arms and tell him that I was sorry and would never leave him again. But I couldn't. With my crazy psychopathic aunt on my back, I didn't want to drag him into complications. It's for the best I told myself. He was hurt, but he would be safe.

I walked away with tears clouding my eyes and my heart shattered. As soon as I came out of the diner, I had shifted into an older woman. John of course couldn't recognize me. I'd thought of telling John that Katherine had left town when I was wearing mom's body. But then I changed my mind. I wanted to tell him as the real me.

I went straight home and kept crying for a long time. And after that my eyes felt heavy and fell asleep. I didn't wake up until there was sunlight poking through the blinds. It was morning. I thought of what to do next. John and Jenna are safe now. But still I can't stay. My presence in their life puts them in danger. Karen or Mark couldn't hurt them thanks to the spell I put on them as Natasha. Thinking of Natasha made her stomach twist. She died because of her. Sure she tried to kill her, but it didn't make her feel better. Now I had Natasha's witch powers. I could use them only when I shift into her. But that means I have to hear her voice in my head. I know she wasn't really there. The voice was just a manifestation of Natasha's memories inside her. They would be activated only when I wear Natasha's body.

Karen was still looking for her. She still wanted to use me in her sinister plan. I have to leave. I can't be Katherine Winters anymore. And she also didn't want to be Natasha. But go where? Even if I did become someone else I didn't have the IDs. It wouldn't be wise to use the IDs that Karen gave me when she came here first because she would be looking. I kept thinking of what to do.

Then I thought of going back to the Karen's house in the woods where they turned me into a Reborn. I may get something from there. I quickly showered and changed my outfit. I took out jeans, a tank top and a red coat. I remembered then that I can make the outfit myself just by shifting. Thanks to becoming a Reborn. But old habits die hard. If I shifted again then the clothes I just wore would be consumed by shifting. I didn't worry about that. I checked my phone. 17 missed calls from Jenna. I would talk to her later. I got in my car and began driving. After sometime I arrived at the house in the woods. I cautiously entered the house. Thankfully I didn't find anyone. I began searching the house. I found only clothes and other documents. In one closet I found IDs. There were many of them. All men and women IDs. I could use these IDs. But then I couldn't. These were used by Karen and Mark. I wanted something new. But where to get them. I kept searching in those documents and papers. After sometime I found a name, Tyrone (ID guy) and a number next to it.

I called the number. After a few rings the person picked up.

"Hello, is this Tyrone?" I said.

"Yeah, who is this?" a deep voice asked.

"I need some IDs", I said.

"How did you get my number, sweetie?"

"From a friend. Do you know Karen?" I said.

"Oh, I see, I do know her. She's one of my customers. So, if you want fake IDs you should send me the pictures of people you know".

"Okay, I'll do that".

"I remember Karen because she usually buys many IDs from me. So take down my address. You should post the pictures to this address". It seems that he doesn't know that Karen is a shapeshifter.

"Can I give them to you in person?"

"That's even better. Take down my address sweetie and call me when you get there", he said. I quickly searched the room and found a pen. I jotted down the address.

"Ah, one more thing though", I asked.

"Go ahead, sweetie".

"I'd appreciate if you keep this between us."

"Of course darling, I don't reveal those details to anyone", he said and ended the call. I looked down at the address. It was in Philadelphia.

I left the house. It was time to leave this town. My stomach made painful twist when I thought of John. I hoped he'd get over it and move on. I'll always love him. As much as it hurt me, it had to be done. I have to leave. I can't be danger to him. It'd be selfish. And then I thought of Jenna. She was my best friend since childhood. I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to her. I called her and asked her to meet me at my house.

When she came to my house she asked worried and angry, "Katherine, what happened? I've been trying to call you since yesterday? Why didn't you answer?"

"I am sorry. I was held up", I said.

"With what? And what happened with John? He called me saying that you broke up with him and said you were leaving town. Is it true?"

I sighed. "Yeah, it's true", I said.

Her eyes widened, "What? No, you can't just leave. Why would you do that?"

"Because it's not safe for you and John. As long as I am in your life you'll be in danger. I have to leave."

"That's stupid Katherine, you know that", she said.

"Karen is still searching for me. And she'll use you guys to get me. I don't want anything to happen to you".

She put her palm over her forehead. "What about John? Don't you love him? Do you have any idea how devastated he was when he called me?" she said her voice rising.

I closed my eyes. "It's for the best. He'd be safe", I said and went outside. Jenna followed me. I had already locked the windows and doors in the house. I didn't need the clothes. I only took some money I'd saved from working in Jenna's bookstore for few months.

"Wait, you're leaving now?" Jenna asked panicking.

I looked at her. Tears started in my eyes. "Yeah", I said and locked the main door and walked outside.

"Wait, please don't leave", Jenna begged. She started crying.

"I'm sorry Jenna. You're my best friend. You'll always be. Goodbye", I said and hugged her.

I looked at my best friend one last time and turned and walked away. I heard Jenna shouting my name. But I didn't stop. I just kept running. I kept crying for a long time.

I took the train. I have to get to Philadelphia to get those ideas. And also mom was there too. I wanted to see her. I missed her badly. I then remembered I couldn't be near her too. Karen might also be keeping tabs on her. I decided since I was going Philadelphia anyway, after getting those IDs, I would be keep an eye on her and protect her. I couldn't be with her in my real form. I guess I'd have to take up another shape. First I need to get those IDs and a job in Philadelphia.

I then called mom. She picked up immediately. She must be worried. "Katherine, thank god. I've been worried sick about you. Where are you?"

"Mom, I am fine. Where are you?"

"I am with a friend in Philadelphia. When are you coming here?"

"That's what I called to tell you about. I ... I will be coming for some time", I said.

"What? What happened? Are you okay? Are you in danger?" mom panicked.

"Mom, I am fine. I am not in any danger".

"Then why won't you come? Karen is she..."

"Mom, trust me. I am not in any danger from Karen now. But I can't just come to you yet".

"But why?" she was beginning to cry.

"I can't tell you. Just know that I will be fine. I'll keep in touch okay. I don't want you to worry".

"Okay", I could tell she didn't like it. Hell even I didn't like this.

"I'll call you later. I love you. I'll always lookout for you", I said.

"I love you too honey", she said and I ended the call. After getting to Philadelphia, I have to get the IDs and a job and lay low for some time. I can keep a protective watch on mom. Those were my priorities right now.

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