Mark kept denying that he didn't hurt those people. He was stuck being Katherine and couldn't shift. He kept ranting that it was me who hurt those people. I blackmailed him that if didn't confess he would be stuck like this forever. That got him. So John and I took him to police station. We told the police that she was my twin and we both didn't get along much and we had a lot of bad blood between us. The police were not convinced at first but Mark confessed. The police began to believe us then. They arrested him or her. My name was finally cleared. I was free.

"See, I told you it would be possible. You're free now", John said after we came out of the station.

"Yeah, it wouldn't have been possible without your help and also Jenna and Natasha helped", I said and kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck. 

When I pulled back John said, "But you still need to talk to your mom".

Right. Mom. I completely forgot about her. Honestly I don't know what mom is going through now.

"You're right. I should go home", I said and was about to leave.

"Katherine wait", he called. I stopped.

"You know prom is coming in a few days", he said.

I smiled already knowing where he was going with this. "Why Mr. Michaels? Do you need a date".

He wrapped my arms around me. "So is that a yes?"

"Yes", I said and we left. When we reached home Jenna was outside. She was with my mom while we went to police station. 

"How is she?", I asked her.

She looked worried. "She's awake", she said.

Shit! I looked at both of them. "I think I should do this alone", I said. They nodded. John kissed me again and wished me luck. I needed it more than ever. Before they left I asked about Natasha. Jenna said she would be staying at an hotel. I nodded and went inside.

I saw her at the window. She was just looking outside, deep in her thoughts. "Mom, how are you?" I asked her.

She turned to me and her face said that she looked relieved to see me. She crossed the distance between us and hugged me. "Oh, Katherine. Where have you been?"

"I'll tell you every thing mom. But first what do you remember?"

She tried to remember. "I was with Karen and you. And then when we reached home she hit you and you fell. Then she said she was you", she said confused. "And then Karen... she... she...just changed into you. Oh my god!", she said panicked.

"Mom, please calm down", I said placing my hands on her shoulders and made her sit on the couch. I sat in front of her kneeling down on the floor.

I've to tell her. I have been putting this off for so long. "Mom what you saw is real", I said.

"What?" she said not believing me.

And then I told her everything. Me being a shapeshifter, how I first found out, about Karen and Mark, what they did to me, everything. When I was done she just looked at me. I couldn't understand the expression on her face. 

"No, this can't be true" she said denying it.

"I'll show you", I said and got up. Here goes nothing I told myself and I shifted. Karen's body and clothes materialized on to me. Mom let out a gasp. She quickly got up and began to back away from me.

"Mom please, it's me. I am still your daughter", I said.

"Katherine", she said.

"Yes, I am still Katherine. I just look different that's all", I said begging her to believe me. When she didn't say anything I continued, "I can look like anyone men, women, children". I shifted again.

"That girl on that day, Karen's friend who was at my house, that was you?" she said.

I had changed into Eve now. "Yes, mom. That was me. At that time I didn't know about Karen".

Mom just kept looking at me. Confused, scared. When she didn't say anything I said with tears in my eyes, "Mom, please, say something, anything".

She touched her forehead like as if she was having a headache. She went and sat down on the couch. "This is all too much to take in", she said finally.

I sat beside her. "Look... mom... I know this is all too much. If you... if you... are afraid of me I ... can leave, you know".

She turned to me. "No... Jesus ... no. I would never want that. I am not afraid. It's just... I can't believe this is real".

"So you're not scared of me?"

"No, I'm not".

I hugged her. "I was so scared of what you would do if you knew. I thought you'd hate me and see me like a freak of nature".

"No, Katherine. I'd never do that to my own daughter".

We pulled apart. "But how did this happen? How do you have this power? Your father and I are normal. Then how are you able to do this?"

I honestly didn't know the answer to that. I told her what Karen told me.

"And you trust her?"

"No", I said. She nodded. We were silent for a few seconds.

"There is something I want to ask you", she said.

"Yeah, anything".

"Did you ever turn into me?"

Oh...oooh. I did turn into her once when I was experimenting with my powers at first. I didn't want her to know that.

"No, mom. I didn't. That would be... weird".

She nodded. "Can you turn into men?"

"I did once, just to experiment. But I don't like turning into men".

"Okay. So what do we do now? What are about Karen?"

"We are going to do nothing. I'll deal with her. Not you. You're going to leave", I said.

"What? I'm not leaving you here", she said.

"Mom, please. You should leave. If you're here, she'll always find a way to hurt you. And I can't stand if anything happens to you".

"But Katherine, no, I am not leaving".

"Mom please, it's not safe. Besides there's nothing you've to worry about. I'll deal with her. She won't hurt me", I said. Even after that she didn't agree. It took a lot of time to convince her. She didn't like it but she finally agreed. She said that she'd go to Philadelphia as there's some technical conference. After that she said she'd stay there with a friend.

"You know can you change. It's still weird talking to my daughter who looks like someone else".

"Oh", I said and looked down at myself. I was still wearing Eve's body. I quickly shifted back to myself. The next mornig, I went to train station to send her off. She asked me to take care of myself. I told her I will and I told her I would come see her when this is all over here. The train left. I was relieved that mom left. She'd be safe I thought.

After that I went home. After I went inside, I thought about what to do now. I should call John. When I was about to call him, I felt a hard blow on my head from the back. I quickly held my head in pain and collapsed on the floor. I turned around and saw Karen standing over me holding a baseball bat.

Smiling she said, "Hello, Katherine". Then she hit me in the face with the bat and everything went dark.

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