“So, what did your aunt say yesterday?” John asked me at school when I got to parking lot.

            Apparently he was waiting for me. Jenna went inside after I said that I would talk to John.

            “She said her husband Mark has been is in some kind of coma.”

            “How did that happen?”

            “A few days ago they had a run in with hunters. She said they escaped but not before he was hit by some kind of poison.”
            “I thought you said shapeshifters have super healing powers. Then how did this happen?”

            We made our way to class. “I don’t know John. Obviously there is some weak point to our kind. And who knows what kind of weapons hunters have.”

            “Ok, so what does she want from you.”

            I stopped walking and turned to him. “She needs my help in saving Mark. The hunters may have some antidote. She wants my help to get it.”

            “Wait, so you’re going after the hunters?”

            I nodded. He looked at me for some time. “Okay, I am coming with you.”

            I was suddenly worried. “What! No,” I shook my head. “No, no you’re not”.


            “Because it is dangerous. You could get hurt.”

            “If it’s dangerous for me, then it’s dangerous for you too. I’m coming with you”.

            “I can handle it. I’m strong, I can heal myself. You will be vulnerable.”

            “If I get injured, you could always heal me by giving your blood.”

            “Yes, I could. But, still. I won’t let you come with me.”

            He started to say something. But I stopped him, “No, John. You. Are. Not. Coming with me. Promise me you won’t do that.”

            He definitely didn’t like it. He was angry. I could see it. As much as I didn’t like this, I wouldn’t let him come with me. I couldn’t handle, him getting hurt or worse.

            Just then Lydia came sauntering towards us. “Hey, John” she said smiling at him. And then when she looked at me, she gave me a disgusting look. “Hey, Katherine.”

            Aaargh….. not this bitch again. “You two have been hanging out lately. Are you two….?” she said pointing at both of us.

            “Oh! No. We’re not”, I said. John then looked at me. What did I do now? We already talked about this.

            “Good”, she said and turned to John. “I am hosting a party this weekend at my house. You should come.”

            He looked at me and then at her. “Sure, why not?” he said.

            I don’t know why but that did bother me. I frowned at him. Is he mad at me? Of course he is.

            “I’ll look forward to it”, she said and then to my horror she touched his hand and squeezed it. That bitch! How dare she touch him? John quickly extricated himself from her grasp. She left.

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