“So, you’re still seeing him”, Karen said as I sat opposite to them in the diner. Her husband Mark had come today morning. Karen asked him to come here so that he would help us in case if any hunters show up. Karen asked me earlier to meet them here. She said they both would look once again on the dead hunter.

            “Yup”, I said.

            “So this is your niece I’ve been hearing so much about”, Mark said as we shook hands. He was tall and good looking.

            “It’s nice to see meet you Mr. Rivers”, I said.

            “Please, call me Mark”.

            “Okay, Mark”, I said smiling.

            “And the guy you just met outside, is he your boyfriend?” he asked.

            “Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that John is my boyfriend”.

            “But I don’t understand. He looks younger and you made yourself look older”.

            “I didn’t make myself that old. I made myself look just a few years older than him.”

            “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later”, Karen told Mark.

            “Okay, but a little advice. You know no matter how careful you try to be, somehow truth always comes out. Just be careful, Katherine.”

           He is not wrong about that. “I know. I changed into Eve and then by accident John met Eve. And he fell for Eve. As Katherine, I was crushing on him for so long and I never had the courage to talk to him. But as Eve, I am confident and feel strong. When I got this chance, I just couldn’t help it. I don’t know what would happen when he finds out. Sometimes I think I should just end all of this.”

            “You’re right. If you like him so much then make him fall for you as Katherine. Not as someone else”, Karen said.

            I nodded. I didn’t want to talk about this anymore. “So you said you will look into the hunter again. What did you guys find?” I asked changing the topic.

            “Karen has already found out who he is. Now that he is dead someone may come looking for him. So we’ll stay here for a few days”, Mark said.

            “But, they wouldn’t know who he was chasing. As long as I have this locket around my neck, they won’t be able to find me right?” I said.

            “You’re right. They won’t find you. But they will still come looking for him. And before he attacked you he might have called them. If they know that he was going after a shapeshifter then they will come here to finish his work. So that’s why we will stay here and keep an eye on you”, Mark said.

            “Ok”, I said. “But how are you going to keep an eye on me?”

            “Don’t worry. We’ll take care about that.”

            “Okay and where will you two would be staying any way?”

            “We rented a home here. We both changed into someone else for that. Do you want to see?” Karen asked.

            “I would but not now. I have to go home now”, I said.

            “Okay, we’ll leave too. Do you want us to drop you?”
            “No it’s ok. I can go home”.

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