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song(s) for this chapter: anniversary X tony! toni! toné!

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song(s) for this chapter: anniversary X tony! toni! toné!

"Bro, can you bring your ass on? Me and X waiting outside and Caine already there," Gionni fussed to Vincent over the phone.

"Don't rush me, you the one who told me all late," Vinny snapped back, as he began descending the steps of his complex.

"Late? Nigga I told you to be ready four hours ago. Bring yo' ass outside," he chuckled, hanging up the phone. Xavier simply shook his head at their friend, he always did this. He was someone you needed to inform of plans days in advance because he took forever to do anything.  

Once Vinny finally made it to the car, they were off.

"Lourdes big ass dogs always jumping on me when I go see Saij. Them niggas are huge," Vinny spoke as they drove. "I don't know how her little short ass controls them,"

"Pesto ain't that big, he just heavy," G laughed. He was used to being around big dogs, he had two when he was a kid, so to him a Rottweiler wasn't huge. He couldn't wait until Polo grew more and gained some more weight.

"You just sayin' that because y'all raising a beast in your house too," he shook his head. Vinny wasn't scared per say, but he was never a fan of dogs. Or cats. He's more of a fish person.

"Don't call my son a beast, nigga," he laughed as they pulled into the parking lot next to Caine's car. "Y'all ready?" he asked once all four men were together.

"Us? Boy we been ready, are you ready?" Caine chuckled, making G smile a bit.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm ready, let's go see it," he nodded, and led his friends to the door. It'd been four months since they first visited and Gionni got the call last night that it was ready, so wasted absolutely no time getting his friends back together.

"Gionni! It's good to see you again, my boy. I assume you got my call?" Mr. Morrison spoke with a wide smile. He'd been Gionni's family jeweler for as long as he could remember. His brother and brother in law both got their wives rings from him, and he knew his father got his mom's ring from him too, so it was only right Nadira get her ring from him as well.

"Hey Mr. Morrison, I did get your call, I'm ready to see it. I know you did a fantastic job, as usual," he complimented. Amina and Guiliana's rings were gorgeous, so he had faith.

"Thank you, son. Let me go ahead and grab that beauty from the back for you," he smiled, walking to a door and punching a code before entering.

"Why I'm excited as a bitch?"  X chuckled, making the other guys laugh.

"Bruh, I was just thinking the same shit, like this not even my girl's ring and I'm smiling all big," Vinny smirked. Gionni was honestly glad he had his friends support and backing with this. Their opinion mattered a lot to him and the fact that they all had a good relationship with Nadira and were encouraging him to marry
her meant a lot to him.

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