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song(s) for this chapter: resentment X beyoncé; the way that i love you X ashanti

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song(s) for this chapter: resentment X beyoncé; the way that i love you X ashanti

At 6:10, Nadira was abruptly jolted from a peaceful slumber at her alarm blaring in her ears. She felt around her bed for her phone to shut it off, frustrated that she forgot to switch it off, knowing she didn't have school today. It was the end of the marking period, and grading day approached for the teachers who may have been behind on assignments so school was closed, but parent-teacher conferences were the next day so it wasn't too much of a break, but a break nonetheless.

As she became fully aware, she noticed Darius wasn't next to her, again. It'd been a month and a half since their big argument, or rather her blowup, and nothing had improved.

He'd been home less and less, and Nadira was losing her confidence in the relationship. She didn't feel loved or appreciated at all, and it was beginning to wear her down. Her friends and even Vinny, who'd been around the group of girls more, could tell she wasn't her usual bubbly self.

It was always argument after argument and Nadira was left exhausted mentally.

She sighed, tossing her legs over her plush queen sized bed. After shuffling her way into the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and took her morning shower, since she was already up. She did her morning skin care routine after the hot shower, making sure she applied extra moisturizer, she felt a little dried out.

After her hygiene was taken care of, she oiled up with her favorite whipped shea/cocoa butter. She searched through her clothes until she found her brothers old high school t-shirt and a pair of short shorts, preparing to go cook breakfast for herself. She grabbed her phone, seeing a few texts, some from her brothers and one that stood out, from
Gionni. She smiled upon seeing his message.

Gionni🍫: goodnight, beautiful. I hope you're feeling better in the morning

She'd opened up to him that she'd been feeling down as of late, but she didn't divulge too deep into the details. Darius was still her boyfriend, and she didn't want to disrespect that, letting everyone into their business. 

After settling at her kitchen island, she typed up a response to him while deciding what she'd make for breakfast.

: goodmorning, thank you for this, Im feeling a bit better today ☺️

Once she sent it, she maneuvered around her kitchen, grabbing the ingredients she needed once she decided to simply have french toast with eggs. She played music lowly from her phone as she cooked, brightening her mood a bit.

Music and dance had been her solace as a child, even into college. She was a majorette, and on the school's dance team. Singing was more of a pastime for her, but let anyone in her family tell it and she was an angel reincarnated.

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