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August 10th

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August 10th

"I'm sorry what?" Nadira's head tilted. Gionni sat completely still, in shock. "Can you...could you just run that by me one more time please?" she asked, scooting up in her chair.

"You're 15 weeks and—"

"Yes, 15 weeks no signs of preterm labor, I got that," she said. "You said something after that and I'm not sure I heard you right," she shook her head.

"They're going to need extra nutrients so I'm prescribing your prenatal?" Dr. Shepard repeated, trying not to laugh.

"Yes! That. You said...they?" her voice raised an octave or two and Gionni still sat, blinking.

"Yes, sweetheart. They as in two, as in twins..." she smiled widely.

Gionni and Nadira had taken about ten positive pregnancy tests over two weeks before coming to see Doctor Shepard. Although they were actively trying they couldn't believe that it happened that fast. She wasn't showing too many symptoms and she was only skeptical because she missed her period, but she was extremely irregular after Omari, and missing a period wasn't abnormal. But everything counts when you're trying to get pregnant.

Now here they were, sitting in her doctors office, hearing that those tests were in fact correct and she was pregnant again.

"Twins?!" she gaped, looking over at Gionni. "You heard? Twins babe..."

"I...twins? That's....wow—uh," he stammered, a smile growing on his face.

"Do twins run in either of your families?" Dr. Shepard wondered, laughing at their complete and utter disbelief.

"Uh yeah, mine. My grandad is a twin, my dad's sister is a twin, I have a twin brother and sister, and my brother and his wife had twins," he rattled off, making Nadira's eyes wide. She obviously knew about his brother and sister, his niece and nephew but not all those other sets.

"Well then this was bound to happen eventually. Congratulations you two, you have two on the way," she grinned.

"T-thank you," Nadira spoke, still slightly in shock.

"So, as you may know, pregnancies with multiples are shorter. Next appointment when we see the babies again I'll have your due date. This pregnancy will most likely be around 36 weeks, hopefully they stay put until 37 so they won't be premature, but if they are it's not a major concern because it's normal with twins. You're going to be seeing me a lot more too, we tend to chart more growth for multiples," she informed them. "We'll be checking your cervix often, Nadira. If anything looks off we'll have another cerclage done but if not we should be on the road to a healthy, risk free pregnancy!" she clapped, making Nadira's heart warm up.

Risk free was something she never thought she'd hear.

"Wow...okay. Wow," Nadira laughed. "Thank you Dr. Shepard," she smiled now.

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