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"Goodnight Erica! Drive safe," Dira called from the window of her car

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"Goodnight Erica! Drive safe," Dira called from the window of her car. The last child had been picked up and it was 7, Nadira was finally headed home, where she had even more work to do, finalizing everything for Vinny and Saij's wedding which was three weeks away.

She was honestly exhausted and wasn't in a good mood at all, but was glad to be going home to see her family. She would need some alone time while she worked but she did want to love on her kids for a moment.

: im in a terrible mood baby 😕

She made sure to text Gionni before she pulled off. They rarely argued, they typically talked grievances out to avoid yelling and arguing loudly. One of their larger issues when they first started dating, though, stemmed from the fact that Nadira used to just walk around with an attitude.

She wouldn't explain why and she wouldn't talk to him, and it aggravated him to no end. She felt like she didn't need to always tell him what was wrong, or explain herself constantly but she later realized that was just her being stubborn and carrying bad habits. They both agreed to communicate when they were having bad days to avoid unnecessary conflicts from then on.

She hated being mad at him anyway, and he hated being mad at her. They both felt like there was so many other things they could do with their energy than be negative towards one another so unless it was drastic they were usually able to talk their differences out before they went to sleep. Gionni lived by the rule of not letting your significant other sleep angry and it helped them tremendously in their relationship.

Nadira drove home in silence, the quiet and the dark helping calm they headache thumping in her forehead. She loved all the kids at her daycare but she forgot how stressful kids could be. She was blessed with two mild tempered children but not every child was like that. There were meltdowns and temper tantrums, refusal to eat or nap, random screaming and crying, and all of it was making her head hurt. All she wanted was food and her bed.

She pulled into the garage, sighing loudly before checking her phone.

mine🖤🔒: okay angel. i made you a plate it's in the microwave, ill be in the room with the kids if you wanna talk.

: i love you 🥺

mine🖤🔒: i love you too pretty girl 💕

She smiled a bit before locking her car up and going inside to eat. Once she did that she trudged upstairs, going to change into some comfortable clothes so she could work. The house had an office for her downstairs so she'd be down there until she was done.

"Hi mommyyyyy!" Nayeli called when she entered the room.

"Hi sweetheart," she smiled slightly, walking to the bed to give her a kiss. A six month old Omari was next in line for her affection and he smiled when she kissed his little lips. "Hello fat man," she cooed. Both Nayeli and Omari were in her daycare of course, but Gionni picked them up when he got off.

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