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song(s) for this chapter: for real X amel larrieux

"Bye my babies. I'll see you tonight," Gionni waved as Nadira and Nayeli  left the house for a girls day. It was way overdue for them to just have some time to themselves.

"Bye daddy! See you later, be nice to Coco!" she reminded him. Chanel was staying with G, and he didn't know what to do with her.

"I will, princess. You behave, you hear me?" he asked as he usually did.

"Yes sir. Can I have kisses please?" she asked, running back over to him, making Nadira's heart warm. She loved everything about their relationship.

"Of course, beautiful," he grinned, lifting her up and kissing all over her face making her laugh. He then whispered something in her ear, causing her to giggle and nod. He put her down and she ran back over to where Nadira was.

"Daddy said come get your kisses too," she smiled slyly, and Nadira looked up at him, mirroring her exact facial expression. She felt her face heat up as she walked back up the pathway and up the stairs to the porch where Gionni stood.

"You wasn't gon' kiss me bye?" he asked, taking one of her hands, rubbing his thumb back and forth on her knuckles.

"I'm sorry," she said timidly, looking up at him. It was now early November and they'd been together nearly nine whole months, and Nadira still couldn't help but get nervous and shy around him, especially when he stared at her with those eyes.

"Mhmm, gimme my kiss, girl," he playfully demanded, grabbing her chin and meeting her lips for a quick kiss. "Don't forget when you get home," he smirked, tapping her on her butt before letting her hand go.

Home. It sounded nice coming from his lips, and it made her feel good inside that he considered her apart of his home. Her place was here with him, with Nayeli. She was home whenever she was with those two.

"Yes sir," she mimicking Nayeli's usually response before returning to the car. "You ready to go, Pea?" Nadira asked once she was situated in the front and Nayeli was secure in the back. They were taking the Audi again because Nadira's car was now having more random problems she couldn't identify. She got it serviced regularly so she wasn't really sure what was going on but her man's car was just as nice.

"What are we doing today?" Nayeli asked, looking up from her iPad. She was starting to have a tendency to get motion sick in the car so the iPad helped her out a bit.

"Well first, we're gonna go to starbucks and get some drinks. Then, were going to get manicures and pedicures, then after that we're gonna go get some lunch and we're gonna go to the mall. Sound good?" she asked, pulling into the starbucks drive thru.

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