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song(s) for this chapter: the one i gave my heart to X aaliyah; kissin you X total

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song(s) for this chapter: the one i gave my heart to X aaliyah; kissin you X total.

The next coming days were back to business as usual for
Gionni. He took Christmas and Christmas Eve off to spend with his daughter but he was right back to work the next day. It was now the 30th, and he was sitting behind his desk, reviewing a few contracts for upcoming clients. It was nearly 3:30 and he hadn't taken a lunch yet, and wasn't planning to until he finished what he had to do for the day.

The phone at his side and he picked it up without hesitation, as he usually would with a client.

"Gionni Cartier," he spoke professionally.

"You got that work voice on lock," he heard Xavier laugh on the other end of the line, causing him to smack his teeth.

"What nigga? I'm busy," he stressed.

"You always busy, nigga. Vinny wants to know if you're coming with us on New Years, he been bugging me because apparently you're ignoring him," Xavier explained. Gionni shook his head at Vincent's lie.

"He's so damn needy, like he's my girl or something. I ain't been ignoring shit, I'm at work," he laughed. "I'll see though, I don't know if I wanna go out with y'all wild ass niggas," he replied.

"Man whatever, not everybody can hold half their body weight in liquor and function normally. Anyway, you should come bro, I'm sure Dira would be real upset if you missed it," he teased, Gionni could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

At the mention of her name, he found himself smiling, but kept his voice steady so Xavier wouldn't act up. "I'm sure she'd be aight if I stayed my ass home. We'll see, though. I'll let you know tonight,"

Once they were off the phone, Gionni was back hyper focused on his work, hoping for less distractions. But then his assistant appeared in the doorway, knocking on the glass of his door.

"Mr. Cartier there's a Nadira Berkley at the receptionist desk should I show her up?" she asked, tilting her head slightly.

Nadira? What's she doing here? Did I forget something? Were we supposed to do lunch? He asked himself, becoming a bit nervous.

"Mr. Cartier?" his assistant asked, furrowing her brows at him, wondering why he wasn't answering.

"Um-uh, yes please. Thank you, Harmony." He tried to revert back to a professional voice when speaking to her but she picked up on his stutter, and she smiled, thinking someone finally got her boss flustered.

While he waited for Harmony to escort Nadira to his office, he couldn't help but wonder what it was that brought her by. He wasn't sure if he asked her to, or if she said she would but he was lost.

"Hi Gionni," her angelic voice spoke as she entered his office with a smile on her face and a bag in her hands. She wore a taupe two piece outfit, the top was cropped, giving Gionni a clear view of her perfectly toned milk chocolate skin. She wore a long cardigan over it, and opened toed black sandals, showing off her baby pink toenails. Her hair was down as usual, parted down the middle with her natural curls framing her face.

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