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"I'm getting my tubes tied Gionni

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"I'm getting my tubes tied Gionni. You can't keep putting me through this," Nadira whined as her children took turns kicking her. "They must not love me, the way they acting," she said dramatically.

"Get your tubes tied?!" he asked incredulously.

"Would you rather condoms?" she tilted her head, immediately making his face scrunch up. "That's what I thought," she laughed as the twins finally seemed to settle down.

Nadira was now 35 weeks into her pregnancy, and other than the normal pregnancy symptoms at that point, she was having a very easy and complication free one. She enjoyed every minute of it, and cherished it because at this point in her last pregnancy, she was three weeks removed from a car accident with her husband's deranged baby mother, and going on trial.

In comparison to that, Nadira was in complete bliss.

"Aww look at my baby! Where's the damn foul ref! Shit," she huffed. They were watching Damien's game against the Pelicans tonight, and he'd just gotten knocked down by an opposing player.

"That's a foul," Gionni shook his head rubbing his hand across Nadira's legs that were thrown across his lap. "You know they're talking about trading him?"

"Yeah he told me," she pouted. "I don't want him to go, he's gonna miss so much,"

"He probably won't move though, baby," he tried to assure her. "He's still single so he has no obligation anywhere else,"

"He might as well move," she sighed. "I'm gonna miss him. My baby boy," she pouted, looking close to tears.

He simply reached over and rubbed his hand on her neck comfortingly. She was extremely sensitive and he knew if he said one wrong thing she would probably burst into tears. He may not even get traded, but the thought alone was making her wanna cry.

"Can we go to his next game?" she turned to look at him.

"Of course, mama. You wanna ask him for tickets?" he asked, making her shake her head no.

"I wanna surprise him, I haven't been to one in a little while. He'd love that," she smiled warmly.

"Bet, I'll see if I can get us on the floor," he nodded, pulling his phone out.

"Thank you, babe," she smiled, noticing the dogs entering the room. Just Polo and Chanel though, Dior was, of course, with Nayeli. Chanel sat at Nadira's feet, looking up at her silently asking for attention from her.

"Aww hi my pumpkin pie!" she cooed, lifting her on to her lap.

"Now I know why they ass be on the couch," Gionni glared, rubbing Polo's head. Nadira tucked her lips in, eyes widening, just realizing what she did. "Mhm, caught yo ass," he laughed.

"I'm sorry! They just look so sad on the floor, the couch is more comfortable for them," she tried to defend herself.

"They got them beds all over the house and you still letting them on my furniture, Nadira? It don't make sense, baby," he chuckled.

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