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The next morning, Gionni woke up first

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The next morning, Gionni woke up first. His eyes cracked open around 10:30, the sun was beaming down in the bed, shining directly on to Nadira's peaceful figure. He smiled a little bit at her, taking his phone out to take pictures of her splayed on the mattress, bare back peeking from out of the covers and her hair sitting perfectly on top of her head. Her eyes were still half open but he learned to love it.

He made his way out of bed, hopping in the shower and taking care of his hygiene. When he was done, Nadira still wasn't up, of course. He took his time getting dressed, ready to start their day together. He went downstairs and cleaned up a bit, Omari's toys were always everywhere in their playroom and they usually cleaned it up together on the weekends or after work, but he wanted to let her sleep as long as she wanted.

Once he was done in the kids playroom and Omari's room, he was going back to the living room when he received a FaceTime call from Nayeli's iPad.

"Hey daddy!" his daughter cheesed on the other line once he picked up.

"Good morning, Princess," he smiled back, heart warming at the sight of her. "You look pretty, mamas,"

"Thank you daddy," she continued to smile. "You okay? You sleep good?" she asked, setting her iPad down so she could keep eating her breakfast.

"Yes baby," he chuckled. He found it cute how concerned she was about his well-being, she acted just like Nadira. "Did you? You behaving for your TT and uncle?"

"Yes sir," she nodded, scooping some cereal into her mouth, just as her cousin came across the screen.

"Good morning Uncle G," Amora yawned, rubbing her eye. She was never the early riser of the three girls when they were together.

"Good morning beautiful," he waved. "Where's Pheonyx? She's sleeping?"

"I'm here!" he heard her from a little farther away, and a moment later she appeared in the camera. "Hi Uncle G!"

"Hey precious," he smiled again. He was so thankful Nayeli had cousins her age, it was like having three daughters whenever they were around, and he loved it. They talked some more before her cousins went to make themselves some cereal as well so they could get ready to go do whatever they had planned for the day.

"Mama's asleep still?" Nai asked, and Gionni nodded. "What are you guys doing today?"

"Me and mama are gonna spend the day together, then I'm taking her on a date later on tonight," he informed her, making her nod in approval.

"Oooh that sounds fun! Make sure to take pictures so I can see," she instructed. "You have to take her to a really nice restaurant," she continued.

"Yes ma'am," he laughed. "I plan on it,"

"Okay good! Well I gotta go get dressed, we're going to the mall soon and then we're gonna go to skyzone," she told him.

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