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song(s) for this chapter: butterflies X michael jackson

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song(s) for this chapter: butterflies X michael jackson

"I still can't believe you had twins, nigga," Gionni mumbled, looking at his nephew and niece lying in a bassinet. The day Amina was induced, after she gave birth to her son, she felt the need to keep pushing and twelve minutes later, a baby girl was born.

"You?! Boy I still think we stole this little girl from somebody," he chuckled, looking at his daughters peaceful sleeping face. "Dawg...I have five kids," he stated, astonished. Gionni simply laughed at his brother, patting him on the back.

Egypt Ayah and Cairo Armani Cartier were now 4 weeks old, and we're both healthy and strong. For them to be twins was even more of a shock because Amina carried them full term.

"They're beautiful bro," Gionni said affectionately, reaching in the bassinet to pick up his niece, who had a head full of curly hair, and long eyelashes. "You so pretty sweetheart, looking just like your mama," he cooed, earning an eye roll from his brother.

Egypt smiled a gummy smile at her uncle, making his own face curl up into a smile. He honestly forgot how much he loved babies. Everything about them was so precious, he missed when Nayeli was this size. The sleepless nights, and all the spit up, he could do without, though.

"You gon' want another one. I know you said Nai was gonna be an only child forever but I can just see it in your face, man," his brother smirked, as Gionni interacted with his daughter.

Gionni's mind immediately drifted off to Nadira. Ever since she told him about her cervical insufficiency he hadn't been thinking about having kids. He never really saw himself being the type to have a big family, but with her, he wanted it all. Since that night, though, he pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind. He cant say his brother's words didn't have him thinking about it again, though.

"Man, I ain't having no more kids," he scoffed, waving his brother off after putting Egypt back in the bassinet.

"Yeah aight nigga, that's what I said after Israel," Giovanni chuckled, walking out of the room, slightly closing the door to the nursery to block off the noise of their loud siblings and cousin. "You and yo' lady haven't talked about it yet?" he asked once they made it to the kitchen area.

"Nigga our relationship is just as old as your kids, you expect me to have planned that out already? We haven't even told Nai yet," he said, popping open a bottle of water.

"Man, you ain't gotta be with someone too long to know if you're gonna want to be with them for the long run," Giovanni began, as his wife walked into the kitchen, pecking him on his lips.

"What you in here lecturing him about, Gio?" she asked, sitting herself on one of their dining room chairs.

"Marriage. How long it took for me to start telling you I was gonna marry you when we started dating, baby?" he asked her.

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