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"Are you planning y'all anniversary already?" Saija asked, sipping on her wine as the four ladies sat at dinner

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"Are you planning y'all anniversary already?" Saija asked, sipping on her wine as the four ladies sat at dinner. Rayne chuckled and nodded at the question.

"Xavier is really extra, so we're gonna go to Barbados for our anniversary this summer," she spoke, cutting into her chicken. The girls had randomly decided to go on a dinner date, since they'd all been so wrapped up in their jobs and life they hadn't seen each other for a while.

"Barbados?" Nadira asked, eyes wide. "Girl, take me with you," she said, making Rayne laugh.

"Chile, tell Gionni you wanna go. He'll have y'all ass on the next thing smoking out this hoe," Lourdes smirked, causing the others to nod in agreement. "Why she acting like that man don't give her whatever she wants?" she continued to tease her friend.

"Stooooop, Des," she whined, hating that she was kind of right. She barely asked him for anything but when she did it would barely be a day before she had it. She knew he was one of those types to buy her a car if she said she liked it.

"We all know you right, Dessy," Rayne laughed. "Speaking of men," she smirked at Lourdes, causing her to blush immediately. "I hear somebody's boyfriend is coming to the Hawks?" she asked, and Des nodded.

"He got traded over here, I think he told his friends today. So, we're supposed to be going to BLISS this weekend if y'all are free," she informed the ladies.

"Yes ma'am! I love going to the club with y'all," Saija exclaimed, dancing in her seat. "Vinny gon' bring me, y'all like getting me drunk," she chuckled, making the rest of them laugh. Saija was a lightweight in every sense of the word, give her one drink and a shot, and she was gone for the night.

Nadira and Lourdes were always carrying her from a party drunk back in college, and nothing had changed. She just had a boyfriend to carry her home now.

Once the girls finished at dinner, she made her way back to Gionni's house after stopping at the store to get Chanel some more food for the pantry. Gionni ended up falling in love with Chanel. He called her Coco exclusively, he always took the initiative to walk her and give her baths whenever she needed one. He was thinking of getting another dog just so she could have a baby brother. 

"Babe? I'm back," she called as she entered the living room.

"Hey, beautiful," he replied, from the couch. She snapped her head in his direction, shocked. "Sorry, mama," he chuckled, standing up and stretching.

"You were sleeping, baby?" she asked, walking over to him, wrapping her arms around him, laying her head on his chest. She always did this, she loved hearing his heartbeat, it made her feel calm no matter the situation.

"Mhm," he hummed, rubbing his hand down her back. "It's been a long ass day," he yawned.

"Well why aren't you in the bed, sleeping, sir?" she asked, turning her head to look up at him. He smiled a bit, leaning down to peck her lips.

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