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"Man, she still pregnant?" Damien Junior asked, walking into his sisters living room

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"Man, she still pregnant?" Damien Junior asked, walking into his sisters living room

"Yes, I'm still pregnant, stupid ass," she rolled her eyes from the couch.

"Don't get smart wit me cuz yo big head ass child don't wanna come out, lil girl," he bucked at her. She started to get up but was too tired to follow through. "Can't eem get up witcha big pregnant ass," he laughed, making her flick her middle finger up at him.

"G, can we get something to eat, please I don't want no leftovers," she complained while her brother sat next to her, laying in her lap. "Why you all on me, mean ass boy," she pulled at his hair.

"Ow! Because I love you, shit," he rolled his eyes. "Please get her some food, big dawg," he said to G.

"Yes we can get food, pretty girl," he chuckled, handing her his phone. "Get whatever you want off uber eats, I'm finna shower," he pushed up from the couch, heading to the stairs.

"Thank you daddy!" he heard, and then her brother gagged.

"You welcome, baby" he laughed, continuing up the steps.

Back in the living room, Damien was playing with Omari's handprint in her stomach.

"Wassup big boy? Why you still in there man?" he poked his nephews hand. "Man I cannot wait to play basketball with my lil homie, Reem and King wanna play football all the time with they clumsy asses," he shook his head.

"They can't help it, when they were young daddy drilled football into their heads, since you and Kareem play basketball." She laughed. Kareem and Damien were two people she considered gifted athletes. Kareem unfortunately got injured in his sophomore year so he never got the chance to get drafted but he coached Georgia Tech's basketball team for years now and coaching his younger brother was a blessing to him.

Damien was drafted in his senior year at 22, so just recently, the Hawks signed him, but as a rookie he didn't play as much as someone like Caine, and had much more free time than Caine did. He still trained with Kareem often because his brother knew how he worked best, he was close to getting him a spot on the coaching staff, but he wanted to surprise him when the answer was for sure. He always told Kareem if he ever made it bit he wouldn't leave his brother behind since Kareem was the reason his talent was so sharp now.

"My baby brother really a whole star out here I'm crying," she pouted, pulling something off his face.

"Stop!" he swatted her hands away laughing. "I ain't a star yet, but just wait. Y'all gon be at all my games once I am," he nodded.

"I absolutely will, me and my jersey you keep forgetting to give me, stupid,"

"Oh hell, it's in my car lemme go," he laughed, jumping up.

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