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song(s) for this chapter: you send me swingin' X mint condition; beauty X dru hill

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song(s) for this chapter: you send me swingin' X mint condition; beauty X dru hill

"Mama, I'm nervous," Nadira pouted as she sat on the phone with her mother on Saturday morning. She and Gionni were scheduled to go out that evening and her excitement was shrouded with doubt.

"About what, darling?" Khadija asked, watching Nadira over facetime.

"What it's really too soon for me to be dating? What if I mess it up?" she asked, flopping back on her bed dramatically. "I'm scared to be with someone else, mommy, I don't wanna go through all that again" she muttered.

"I completely understand where you're coming from babe. You have a right to feel that way, but do you like this boy?" she asked, causing Nadira to nod.

"More than I'd like to admit," she replied.

"Then let it happen. Give yourself a chance to have a good thing, baby," her mom said. "I don't think you'll forgive yourself if you push him away. Just try, Dira. Let it be natural," she continued.

"You're right," Nadira breathed out, staring at the ceiling. "How are you always so right?"

"Your daddy wonders the same thing, sweets. But I'm gonna go head and wake this lil' boy up before it gets too late, enjoy your date, pumpkin. Tell me all about it," her mom smiled, waving at Nadira.

"Okay I will, mama. Love you," Nadira responded, finally standing up from bed.

Once her mom reciprocated the love, Dira made her way to the living area to get ready to take Chanel on a walk. They'd probably go to the dog park for a little bit just to kill some time. Her nerves were getting the best of her and she'd drive herself crazy if she didn't get out the house.

"C'mon Coco puff," she spoke to her dog, clipping her leash on and heading downstairs. She slipped her hood over her head and put her new airpods in her ears, beginning to take the short walk to the dog park. The cool air hitting her face refreshed her in a way. She always loved the winter months, even though she lived in the south, when she visited her family up north, she loved going in the winter. Something about the cold made her feel good, feel new and refreshed.

Although she could do without the sun going down at 4 P.M.

Once she made it, she saw a few dogs prancing around having fun, so she let Chanel loose to go socialize and made herself comfortable on a bench nearby, keeping an eye on her. She also kept her headphones in, so that way people wouldn't try to talk to her. She checked her messages while she sat down, seeing some from her brothers.

boss🤩: i heard mama otp with you lil girl. when was you gonna tell me?

bear🧸: Tell you what? What they was talking about?

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