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song(s) for this chapter: diary X alicia keys; come to my room X jesse boykins iii

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song(s) for this chapter: diary X alicia keys; come to my room X jesse boykins iii

A week had passed a the day had finally come for Nadira and Gionni's second date. The plan was to take him to the carnival and then take him to a drive in movie, so she stole her dad's other pickup truck for the evening. She had blankets and pillows in the backseat and snacks she was currently in the store buying for the movie as well, she was excited to say the least.

"Look at you, bitch. All excited to go on a date, I feel like I'm sending my baby off to prom," Lourdes said, wiping fake tears as they roamed the grocery store isles for snacks. So far, she picked up a pack of twix for him and some sour skittles for herself, as well as sour patch kids and a bag of sweet n' salty kettle corn for them to share.

"Shut up, Lourdes," she blushed, laughing. "I hope he likes this," she said nervously. She was used to being super crafty when it came to dates because her teachers salary wasn't paying for extravagant dates more than once in a while.

"He will, babes. Don't stress about it, y'all are gonna have an amazing time," she told her friend as they unloaded the items into the self checkout area, getting ready to head back to her apartment after paying. She and Des spent the morning together that day, since it was Saturday and neither of them had much to do.

"Wait! You haven't told me a thing about Caine, you whore! Give me details!" Nadira demanded as the girls began driving.

"Wellll—," Des drew out. "We're just chilling, you know? He's cool as hell, I love his company but he's never here," she shrugged.

"So you like him?" Nadira smirked at her friend.

"Man, I ain't say all that, Dira, we—"

"You do! You're blushing, Lourdes, you like him!" she exclaimed, dancing in her seat childishly. "I can not believe it, you like a guy, wow, I need to start wedding planning," she said playfully.

"Nadira goodbye, I'm leaving. You get on my nerves," Lourdes said, making her laugh.

"I'm sorry! No that's just not what I expected to hear sis, you never chill with these niggas," Nadira said, which wasn't a lie. Lourdes never found any romantic interest in the men she slept with and even that number was small because she hated to have her name tied to more than three people.

"I guess he's different...or whatever," she mumbled, blushing red. Thoroughly satisfied with knowing this, Nadira was going to be sure and ask Gionni about it when she saw him.

A little later, around 5, Nadira was dressed in a pair of distressed black jeans, a black thrasher hoodie and a jean jacket to go over it. She slipped a pair of black short uggs on her feet and began taking down the twists she had in all day long, praying they were dry.

Once she was done with that and picked her hair to her desired volume, she did her eyebrows and swiped some mascara on her lashes and some lipgloss before heading to the kitchen to feed Chanel before gathering the basket of snacks and the blankets and heading down to her dad's truck to pull off to Gionni's house.

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