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song(s) for this chapter: a song for mama X boyz II men

song(s) for this chapter: a song for mama X boyz II men

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I'm home!" Nadira called, dropping her keys in the bowl at the front door. She heard little feet running toward the stairs and she laughed.

"Quit that running, Gianna!" she heard immediately after, making her stop in her tracks. Nayeli descended the stairs quickly, greeting Nadira at the door.

"Hi mommy!" she exclaimed, hair in a bonnet and draped in a big t-shirt, completely ready for bed. Nadira picked her up from the ground, kissing all over her face, making her giggle before placing her back down.

"Hey sweet pea," Nadira grinned. "Where's daddy?" she asked, starting toward the kitchen. It was just about 7:30 and she had yet to eat, she was praying Gionni made her a plate to heat up. When she made it in and found it in the microwave, she was ecstatic.

"He's right here," she heard Gionni's voice sound into the kitchen. She turned around to greet him with a big smile on her face, kissing his lips. "You had a good day, mama?" he asked her, stretching and yawning, leaning on the kitchen island.

She blew out a huff of air, starting her plate in the microwave before walking over to him and just leaning on his warm body. "Old white women make me so mad," she spoke in response, making him laugh and rub her back.

As she said, almost right after her wedding and honeymoon, she started delving deep into her wedding planning. She had been booked by two people so far, Rayne's older brother, River, and his fiancée, Sanaa, and a white couple that Gionni worked with, Blake and April.

River and Sanaa were easy to please and had a huge budget, which made it easier for Nadira to do her job, because they were basically amazed by everything she suggested. Blake and April also had an enormous budget, but there was one thing about that couple that was frustrating Nadira to no end.

April's mother.

An old white woman who loved contracting everything that Nadira said in the name of 'knowing what was best' for her daughter.

"She still getting on your nerves huh?" he asked. She rolled her eyes heavily and nodded. ,

"You'd think she was paying for the wedding, G! She keeps telling April no to everything she likes and you can literally see she's upset about it. I don't know what to do! This is April's wedding, not her mother's, and my job is to make the bride happy," she pouted, as the microwave beeped.

"Well, you gotta do what you think is right for your client, baby," he spoke as she sat at the island with her food.

"So, cuss her mom out?"

"No, Nadira," he laughed. "You have to let April know her decisions override her mom's, her mom is not getting married, nor is she paying for the wedding, and she's definitely not paying you, so you need to express that to April, preferably when her crazy ass mom ain't around," he told her, pushing her hair from her face.

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