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song for this chapter: this christmas X chris brown

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song for this chapter: this christmas X chris brown

Murry Chrimmas!

"Tete Dira, you coming over to Mimi's house later?"
Nadira's nephew Kareem Jr asked her over Facetime on his dad's phone.

"Yeah, KJ, I'll be there later on, I have to give my friends their gifts and the I'm coming okay?" she told him, gathering the various gifts and gift bags scattered around her living room and called for Chanel so she could start making her house calls like she did every year dropping off gifts to her friends.

Usually it was just Saija and Lourdes, but this year she bought gifts for those two along with Vinny, Xavier and his girlfriend Rayne and of course for Gionni.

"Okay, see you! Love you!" he called to her.

"I love you more Reem! Give Kingy kisses for me," she said before disconnecting the call. Once she and Chanel got comfortable in the car, she headed to Saij & Lourdes' place first. This year, she bought Saij a new notebook for her poetry and a lavender butterfly necklace with the matching earrings, Saija had a thing for lavender.

Lourdes, being the stylish woman she was, got a pair of shoes she'd been obsessing over for months but couldn't get her hands on, and a gold scorpio chain and anklet. She bought Rayne a bottle of Flower Bomb, Xavier got a set of barbering equipment she could not resist off of etsy.

For Vinny, she bought him a bottle of some foreign cologne she couldn't pronounce. She knew Gionni loved wearing jewelry, so she took the liberty of getting him a chain with his daughter's picture as a pendant. She slipped a Paw Patrol puppy dog plush in there for Nayeli.

Behind Valentine's day, Christmas was Nadira's favorite holiday. She was naturally a giver and enjoyed making other people happy, so when she was able to buy anything for anyone she was extremely excited.

"Merry Christmas babies!" she yelled upon entering her friends apartment.

"Merry Christmas baby!" Saija yelled back planting a kiss on her friends cheek.

"Happy holidays, whore!" Des said, giving her a hug.

"I can't stay long, my mama is cooking and y'all know I gotta help her. I just wanted to drop y'all gifts off," she told them, handing them each their bags.

"Oh! Let me go get your gifts, hold on" Des exclaimed, running to the back and reappearing with a box and bag.

"Okay, here ya' go! Don't forget to save me a plate, my daddy ass can't cook," she shook her head making Nadira laugh.

"I'll make sure ma sets one aside for you, Des. Let me get going, I'll see y'all later!" she called, heading back out the front door as her friends wished her another merry Christmas. She hopped back in her car and sped off to the address Vinny gave her before knocking on his front door.

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