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song(s) for this chapter: who can i run to X xscape

Three Months Later.

It'd been a long and painful three months for Nadira. Every day she was feeling the effects of her breakup more than the last. She hated herself for missing Darius, but she couldn't help it. She'd been with him for a long six years, and their breakup was nothing short of a train wreck.

She'd been going out more with her friends and seeing her family on a regular basis but there was still something inside her that felt empty.

She'd been trying to cope alone, but that wasn't helping. She found solace in her friends and family but at the end of the day, she was alone in her apartment. She was struggling with insecurity and a sadness she hadn't felt for a long time.

One thing she could count on to make her happy were her students. Waking up and seeing their smiling faces five days a week was a bigger boost than anything she could have asked for.

This morning, she woke up before her alarm, looking around her gorgeous bedroom she still couldn't believe was hers. Saija and Lourdes were more than excited to see her new place, help her furniture shop and decorate. They were also very excited she lived in Buckhead so that they could visit her more frequently. Her place was nearly finished, she just needed some more decorative pieces and her diplomas, which were unfortunately still at her ex boyfriend's house. She still had a few things there but hadn't mustered up the courage to go and get them.

Before Christmas, she convinced herself, over and over.

Getting up from her plush queen sized bed, she set her feet down on her shaggy rug, and made her way into the master bath, which was still one of her favorite places to be in the whole apartment. She took a calming hot shower and proceeded to wash up, thinking about what she was going to buy all of her friends for Christmas. Especially Gionni,
Xavier and Vincent since they were newer friends.

Gionni can have my ass wrapped in a bow, she mused to herself stepping out of the water and preparing herself to do her skincare routine for the morning. Gionni then overtook her thoughts, as he usually did when she thought of him.

They'd become extremely close over the last few months, he'd become a shoulder for her to lean on in her time of need once he learned of her breakup. He was a great friend to her, always checking up on her, bringing her food and taking her to eat, even just sending her a text to let her know he was thinking of her.

She couldn't come to terms with her unnaturally strong attraction to Gionni. She'd just gotten her heart stomped on with a pair of size 11 timberlands, and she was already liking someone new? She felt like that could never be the case, but there was something about him that she couldn't stay away from.

Once she finished her skincare, she tied her loose pineapple up into a proper puff, slicking down her edges and tying her satin scarf around her head before going to her walk-in closet to pick out an outfit for the day. It was finally actually cold, or at least what was considered cold in the south, in Georgia, so she was excited to break out her cardigans and boots. For the day, she pulled out an oversized striped sweater and black jeans with some black booties. She slipped her clothes and a pair of socks on, grabbing her phone for the first time that morning and headed to her living room, waking Chanel.

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