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song(s) for this chapter: cherish X unappreciated; 702 X get it together

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song(s) for this chapter: cherish X unappreciated; 702 X get it together

2 Weeks later. Tuesday.

"Okay guys! Lunch time, let's line up so we can go to the cafeteria please," I called my students attention from their free time activities so we could get to lunch and recess on time.

"Nayeli can you be my line leader today? Josiah I need you to be the caboose okay?" I tell them each as the children all began to line up next to the door.

We walked single file down the hallway and I made sure to let them know to keep quiet because there were still other classes going on. Once we made it to the bustling cafeteria, full of hungry first graders and kindergarteners, my class joined their friends and I watched them as usual, making sure everybody had their food.

Once I saw my students sit down, my brows furrowed, seeing Nayeli without her lunchbox. Typically, she had a packed lunch, and a snack but she must've forgot in the room.

"Nayeli, where's your lunchbox, sweetie?" I asked, kneeling next to her table. She looked back at me with her beautiful brown eyes and a small pout on her lips.

"My TT forgot to get it when she dropped me off, Ms. B." she said quietly, like she didn't wanna tell on her auntie.

"Okay, come with me, we can't have you not eating lunch," I said, holding my hand out to her. She took it and we made the short walk back to our classroom where I pulled out my own lunch, which was nothing but some leftover spaghetti I made last night. Before I gave it to her, I pulled my phone out to call Gionni, just in case she had some allergies.

The night of the party, he and I exchanged numbers before we all went our separate ways. Darius had really pissed me off that night, so I wasn't sure if I got it to be petty in the moment, but we'd been texting for a few days and he was a very interesting man. A little flirtatious, but nothing I couldn't handle.

"Hello?"  I heard his velvety smooth voice fill my ears, making my stomach flutter a bit.

"Hi Gionni, it's Nadira. Does Nayeli have any food allergies?" I asked him getting straight to the point, I knew the poor baby was hungry.

"Yes, peanuts and soy, why did she eat something? Is she okay?!" he asked frantically.

"No, no she's okay. She doesn't have her lunch today, so I was just calling to be sure the food I have wouldn't cause her any harm. It's okay if I give her some spaghetti?" I asked him. I heard him take a deep breath before answering.

"That's fine. Where's her food?" he asked, clearly annoyed now. Hell I would be too if my kid's teacher had to feed her.

"Uh well, she says her aunt forgot it this morning. But it's no big deal! I just don't wanna send her home hungry" he thanked me, and we got off of the phone after that. I could hear in his voice that he was pretty upset, and I hoped he wouldn't say anything to Nayeli.

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