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October 31st

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October 31st

"I can't believe it's your last day as a Berkley," Nadira's mom pouted. "My baby girl is really getting married! I can't handle it," Khadija fanned her face as she sat at breakfast with Nadira and the rest of her kids. Her family decided to take her out today, the day before her wedding, and her parents were being very emotional.

"You?! Man catch me crying all the way down that aisle," Damien spoke.

"Man listen, that nigga Gionni gon be crying more than everyone," DJ snickered, feeding Kailani some of his pancake.

"Don't play with my baby," she laughed, holding a sleeping Kingston in her lap.

"Hell yeah, you seen how she did Charmaine and TT, you better leave that man alone," Kareem chuckled, causing their father to burst into laughter. He of course didn't think what his sister did was funny but what Nadira said about them outside was pure comedy in his opinion.

She still couldn't believe everyone heard it all.

"Oh! I brought mommy and daddy gifts, I wanna give em to you now, if I do it tomorrow I'll cry my eyes out. She remembered, digging in her purse. For her mom, she bought a matching necklace and earring set, and for her dad a pair of cufflinks and a tie to wear to the wedding with a message stitched in back.

"This is beautiful baby!" Khadija exclaimed, reading the message that came with it with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, Nadira," she pouted.

"No thank you, mama. Daddy you like yours?" she turned her head to look at him and he was already tearing up. "Awww daddy! Stop crying," she whined, fanning her face.

"I can't help it, you're getting married man. I never thought I'd be that father but you...all three of you, y'all are my pride and joy. I am so thankful for the fact that I was able to raise you, baby girl. You've grown into such a beautiful woman inside and out and I know Gionni knows that, and I'm happy you chose someone who can provide for you in every way and love you like you should be," he expressed, and by the end of it Nadira was actually crying, her little brother wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

"You such a baby, Bug, damn," he chuckled rubbing her arm.

"I hate you," she laughed, wiping her face. "Thank you, daddy. I love you guys, and so does G, I'm so happy I get to celebrate this with y'all,"

"I ain't get no tears when my ass got married," Kareem joked, shaking his head. "All he said was 'you bet not hurt this girl Kareem or I'm gon bust yo ass'" he mocked his father's deep voice, making everyone laugh loudly.

"Kareem stop the lies," his wife spoke. "Your mother cried for like two days straight and oh my Lord did Nadira cry the night before,"

"Okay, okay! I was like 14, I thought I was never gon' see my brother again!" Nadira defended herself.

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