Chapter 24: Nightmare

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After the qualifying events, the list was posted. Patrick Chan, Tatsuki Machida, Yuzuru Hanyu, Maxim Kovtun, Daisuke Takahashi, and Yan Han were competing in the finals. After a while, Daisuke withdrew due to a leg injury so Nobunari Oda was called up.

I was very happy for Yuzuru. 

Today, we were heading to my parent’s grave before we head to Fukuoka for the Grand Prix Finals. Yuzuru and I were going to stay in Sendai for a couple days and then travel to Fukuoka for the competition. 

It was really early in the morning. We stopped by at the flower shop on the way. Yuzuru remembered the flowers from last time. “Good thing that there is not alot of people right now,” I said to him. Since Yuzuru was competing in Japan, many people were traveling to Fukuoka to watch him skate.

Still, we wore a face mask and our glasses. Yuzuru had a black face mask while I had white.

Once at the grave stone, I set the flowers down in front of them and Yuzuru placed a small mat down since the ground was very cold. We sat on our knees and looked at the names on the stone.

Hi. I hope you two are doing well. I”m doing fine,” I told them. I felt like they were looking at me. “Doctors say that things are looking alright. Yuzuru had been watching over me very well. His mother had been kind to me. Sometimes, she would invite me for dinner and sleep over at times. I am very grateful to her,” I said.

My mother doesn’t mind. She just wants her to feel like she is back at home,” Yuzuru told them. I gave him a smile and turned my attention back to my parents. “Yuzuru is competing in the Grand Prix Final. Please continue to watch over him,” I said. 

Thank you Sohma-san for everything and watching over me,” he said and bowed deeply. Yuzuru’s skating career had been rising. He was seen as the top star skater by everyone and rising hope in Japan. 

I’ll continue to watch over Aya. The last thing I want is for something to happen to her,” he told them. I rolled my eyes a bit. It wasn’t like I was going to die the next day. Still…it could happen. I tried not to think about it.

After a few minutes, we decided to leave. We bowed one last time to them and walked out of the cemetery. “You really worry me about your protectiveness,” I told him. Honestly, I wondered if I was distracting him from focusing on his skating.

He shook his head. “I made a promise to your parents,“ he told me. “It’s not like you can be with me 24/7,” I told him. We continued to walk towards his house. I knew that he was thinking about our small conversation.

After a while, we got to his home. His sister had opened the door. “Welcome home,” she said with a smile on her face. I returned the smile. We walked inside and towards the kitchen to see that his mother was cooking dinner.

At a closer look, I could see that she was doing a stir fry with vegetables and chicken. “Mom…I don’t eat red peppers,” he told her. I raised an eyebrow. I knew that he didn’t like red peppers. He had bit of a traumatic experience.

It’s good for you. Especially for guys. You should never be picky with food,” I told him. I made sure to eat everything for health reasons. “Just eat one and I’ll be happy,” I told him. He gave me a small nod in defeat. He really couldn’t argue with me.

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