Chapter 23: Not Feeling Good

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Currently, I was on the phone with a hotel in preparation for going to France for the Trophee Eric Bompard. I was sure that I asked for three rooms but, two rooms were given to us. “Is there another room that would be available?” I asked. They explained to me that due to the competition, there was no room. “Okay. Merci,” I said and hung up.

{What am I going to do?}

I laid back in my seat. There was only two options. it was either, I go to France and stay at a different hotel that was far from the venue or not go with them. I was leaning towards not going. I really didn’t want to be a burden them about the hotel room situation.


I looked at the door to see Brian and Yuzuru. “How are you Aya?” Brian asked me. “Okay but…we have a problem,” I told him. Brian and Yuzuru sat down in the chairs in front of my desk. “I had ordered three hotel rooms and the hotel only gave me two,” I said and gave him the paperwork.

They looked at it. “I’m thinking that I will stay here this time,” I told them. Instantly, Yuzuru looked at me with mixed emotions and then looked at Brian. “She can stay in my room,” Yuzuru said to him. “Yuzu. It’s okay,” I told him.

“If Yuzuru is fine with sharing a room with you, I don’t see a problem. I trust that the two of you will behave,” Brian told me. I looked at Yuzuru. “Are you okay with me sharing a hotel room with you again?” I asked with a bit of worry.

He gave me a smile. “You slept in my room at my apartment and in my hotel rooms already. I’m fine with it,” he told me. I looked at Brian. “Okay. I’ll share rooms with Yuzuru,” I told him. Brian gave me a nod. Yuzuru seemed very happy.

Honestly, I didn’t mind sharing a hotel room with Yuzuru again.


Trophee Eric Bompard…….

We arrived in France late at night and we were all exhausted. As for me, I wasn’t feeling very great. I felt like I didn’t have strength to be moving around but, I forced myself to walk to the van from the airport. It was hard for me to keep my composure.

Yuzuru and Brian knew that I wasn’t feeling too good. “Daijoubu?” Yuzuru asked with concern. I closed my eyes and laid my head back in my seat. “Am I pale?” I asked him. Whenever I didn’t feel good, I would be pale. I felt him move my head to his shoulder.

You should rest once in our hotel room,” he told me. I kept quiet throughout the drive. After a long while, we arrived at the hotel. Yuzuru got off the van first and looked at me. “Can you walk?” he asked me. I tried to get out of the van.

Once my feet landed on the ground, my knees buckled. Luckily, Yuzuru caught me before I felt impact. “Aya. Daijoubu?” he asked me. He sounded very alarmed. This was the first time that Yuzuru saw me this way. 

I looked up to see his worried face. With his help, I got onto my feet. Brian got our bags for us. I managed to walk into the hotel on my own with Yuzuru at my side. Once we got to our hotel room, I laid on my bed and I instantly fell asleep.


Few hours later……

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