Chapter 6: Javier Fernandez

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It felt very different being back in Canada. Miyu was handling things for me in terms of my parent's will and financials. I was to inherit the money, properties, and other things. Of course, I wouldn't inherit them until I was twenty or married early.

I spent so much at the Cricket Club. Tracy and Brian saw much potential in me and how I interacted with the other skaters. Tracy and Brian gave me an opportunity to learn by working for them. I accepted and started to help them to the best of my abilities.

When I was not in school, I would be working at the Cricket Club part time as an assistant manager. I would help with the paper work and check the schedule to see what skaters were training that day. I knew how strict Brian was to the skaters.

My knowledge of skating had grown considerably.

During University, I published a book and won eight book awards in a short amount of time. The book awards came with prize money attached to them. Instead of using the prize money for myself, I donated every dollar to Sendai to help rebuild the city.

After publishing the books, the royalties went to the rebuilding efforts in Sendai. Also, the money was to help children who had lost their parent due to the earthquake and those who were injured. It made me happy that I was helping.

As for my thoughts on Yuzuru, I missed him. I heard that he was training in different places. Also, he skated at ice shows as a form of practice. I knew he would find a way to train. I wondered if he thought about me.


July...age 14

Today, I was in the office organizing some paperwork for a new skater Javier Fernandez. I remembered him. Brian took me to one of the competitions and met him. Javier Fernandez was from Spain.

Brian had contact Spain's skating federation about getting Javier in Toronto in June because normally, Brian started to train with the athletes in June. The federation laughed at him. At the middle of June, I called the federation. They didn't take me seriously.

To be honest, Spain didn't have strong figure skating athletes. So...they really had no clue about skating schedules of coaches. If you really wanted to be a good skater, you have to train very early before the season begin.

Brian and I were amazed that Javier hadn't shown up yet.

It was already at the end of July. Skaters would be already working on finishing their programs for the upcoming season.

I put the file on my desk and stretched my arms. {Take a ten minute break.} I walked out of my office and to the reception area to stretch my legs.

"How are you doing Aya?"

I was on my way outside to get some fresh air. Natasha who was the receptionist was very nice to me. We greeted each other every morning. "I'm doing good. It's a really nice day outside," I told her. "Sure is," she agreed.

Right now, the skaters were getting a hang of their new programs for their competitions. Some skaters had competitions early as September or August. The best skaters had competitions starting in October.

"Trying to get fresh air?" she asked me. "Yep," I said with a smile and walked out of the building. It was really a nice day. The sun was shining brightly after a rainstorm that ended yesterday. The air smelled nice.

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