Chapter 5: Earthquake

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March 2011……..age 13

I was in Sendai, Japan for a visit since my biological mother wanted to see me. My parents were in Sendai for a family visit. It was the first time in years since I had seen her. I was awkward and nervous around her so I spent much time outside or in my room. Also, I didn't spend time alone with stepfather Honestly, I didn't remember much because I had some memory loss from a car accident that happened a while ago. Mother was at home preparing a special dinner for me because she heard that I gotten a perfect scores on my midterms. 

Today, I was at the ice rink for a visit. Many local children were on the ice. I hadn’t been on the ice in Japan for years. I had been focusing on my studies,  recovery from an injury, and therapy. I did go to the rinks when I was abroad but, I would stay at most two hours skating for exercise.

I skated around the rink, passing by other skaters. Luckily, there weren’t many on the ice. The children would scream if they fell or do something wrong. It reminded me of the kids back in Canada who were trying to learn how to skate.

I made my way to the other side of the rink until I felt like I hit a wall. {OW…} “I’m sorry,” I apologized and bowed my head. “No. I should be the one to apologize,” I heard. I lift my head to see that I bumped into Hanyu Yuzuru. 


He was the gold medalist of the Japan Junior Figure Skating championship and the World Junior Championship. He was really making a name for himself. He grew a lot. He was taller and more fit. 

Honestly, I was physically attracted to him at the moment I saw him. He was attractive in his own way. His smile was very cute. He looked handsome on the ice. I never felt this way for any guy. At my age, I never thought that I would never feel an attraction for anyone. 

{There is no way that he would be interested in me.}

I shook my head. “I didn’t see where I was going,” I told him. “We both can be sorry then,” he told me. I gave him a nod. He gave me a smile and skated away. I let out a sigh of relief. {Good. He doesn’t remember me.} 

Yuzuru would skate off and do his jumps. Then, he would skate around near the edge. I kept watching. 

Before I could do get a closer look at him, the building started to shake violently. The lockers and the shelves toppled over. The ice shattered underneath the skaters feet. I felt the ice shatter under my skates. Above me, a set of lights were about to fall on me. Yuzuru skated  towards me and quickly guided me away. The lights fell and smashed onto the area where I stood. 

{He saved me.}

We ran out of the building and onto the street. People from different buildings ran out to the streets screaming and panicking. Yuzuru held me close to him so that I didn’t get hurt. My heart was beating fast. It worried me a bit. Once the shaking stopped we pulled apart from each other. “Is it over?” I asked him. I was so scared.

“I think so,” he told me. I took deep breaths to calm down and looked at his skates. {Yuzuru’s blades are damaged.} Yuzuru took his phone out and called his parents. I tried to call my mother but, she didn’t answer the phone. “Are you okay?” he asked me with concern. I gave him a nod and tried to call again. My mother still wasn’t answering.

“You should go home and check your family,” I suggested to him. He was hesitant to leave me. “Okay. I hope to see you again,” he said. He bowed to me and hurried home. 

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