Chapter 28: Japanese Sign

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December 24, 2013

I was on my way to Sendai after having my routine medical check up. Yuzuru’s family really wanted me to spend Christmas and New Years with them. After New years, Yuzuru needed to focus on the 2014 Olympics. 

Yuzuru had won his second Japanese national title. He was named to Japan’s team for the Olympics.

Christmas wasn’t really a family holiday in Japan. It was more like a holiday for couples. 

Once I got through customs, I walked out of the gate and got a taxi. Yuzuru did text me on picking me up but, I didn’t want to burden his family to traveling to the airport. In my opinion, the airport wasn’t to far from the city. 

After a while, I was a few houses away from Yuzuru’s home. I paid the taxi and walked the remainder of the way. His place hasn’t changed much since last year. I rung the doorbell. Instantly, his sister Saya opened the door.

Hi,” she said with excitement in her voice. She gave me a hug and helped me with my bags. “Yuzu! Aya is here!” Saya called out.

Yuzuru came from the corner of the hallway with a smile on his face. We gave each other a hug and Saya walked away to give us some privacy. Yuzuru helped me with my bags and walked me over to his room.

Congrats on winning nationals,” I told him. “Thank you,” he said and placed my bags against his bed. “What’s the plan while I’m here?” I asked curiously. Yuzuru had to think about it for a few minutes. “Well….date tomorrow. Temple on New years. Make Mochi. Skate,” he said to me.

Sounds good to me,” I told him. We hadn’t been on a date since late summer. We were very busy with competitions. I laid down on his bed and took my glasses off. Yuzuru took them and placed them on his night stand.

I was exhausted from the trip. “I’m going to take a nap. Wake me up in an hour,” I told him. I heard him chuckle and he kissed me on the temple. “Okay,” he said and walked out of the room. I closed my eyes and felt asleep.


Yuzuru’s POV……

{Might as well let her sleep for two hours.}

I walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa. I closed my eyes and thoughts flooded my mind. Things were going to be very busy for Aya and I very soon. Once I win the Olympics, I might not have time with Aya. So I wanted to make every minute count.

It was all thanks to Aya that I didn’t feel very lonely. She was someone who I could go to and talk about my problems and put my mind at ease. She provided me with everything…emotionally and mentally. She was always there.

Even when she was busy, she would make time for me. Most importantly, I could be myself around her. If she wasn’t around, I felt loneliness inside of myself.

It made me start to think about our future together. There was so many uncertainty about it especially how Aya’s health was right now.

{If she is gone in the near future…will I be able to go on without her?} 


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