Chapter 8: Training

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Next day…………

I had received a text from Brian that he wanted me on the ice today. I had to make sure that I packed my skates and my other equipment today. It had been a while since I stepped onto the ice. I was relieved to read the message. 

I made sure to wear something warm. I wore extra padding on my ankles. Since the car accident, my body was a bit sensitive to the cold. I would feel pain in my hands and ankles. After changing my outfit, I walked out to the rink. Once at the rink, I looked at the ice. The ice was clean of any scratches. 

I bowed towards edge of the rink and bowed my head. Also, I touched the ice. “Onegaishimasu.” I took a step on the ice and took my skate guards off. They were pink, spring green, and clear. Then, I placed my skate guards near the edge.

{Nobody is here yet.}

After a while, some skaters started to come into the skating rink. Some were amazed that I was on the ice today. They did their warm up on the ground and on the ice. I was amazed with some of the skaters.

Today, I knew that I was going to be busy.

After a while, the doors open to reveal Yuzuru with his suitcase. I skated towards him with a smile. “Konichiwa,” I greeted him. Normally, I would greet people formally. I wanted to be nice to Yuzuru since he didn’t really have anyone to talk to here yet. He returned the smile and looked surprised. “Konichiwa.”  He looked really happy today. 

Looking at his hair, he must have walked in the rain because it was wet.

“You should dry your hair. I don’t want you to catch a cold,” I told him. He touched his hair. “Follow me,” I told him. We walked to the locker room. I reached for my hair dryer and a towel. Dry your hair with this,” I said and gave him the towel. 

He dried his hair the best that he could. “Sit down,” I told him. “It’s okay. My hair is fine,” he told me and tried to fix his hair. “Sit,” I said with a stern tone. He listened. I got my dryer and brush and comb and started to fully dry his hair. He didn’t seem to resist. 

{You should know that colds and asthma don’t mix.}

Once I was done, I put everything away. “I don’t want to be the one who gets in trouble by your mother,” I told him. His mother could be scary when angry. He gave me a nod. After a while, his hair was dry.

You can change and warm up in there,” I told him. “Hai,” he said and got his skates out. I walked out of the locker room and skated on the ice. After a while, Javier showed up with his coffee. 

“Javi,” I called out to him. He looked surprised to see me on the ice. “You’re in the rink?!” he said with a surprised tone. “I know,” I told him. {He had seen me on the ice a few times already.} Usually, I would be sitting at my desk where it was warm

I skated towards him and he gave me a hug. Honestly, he was like a big brother to me. We had a six year age gap. He was very protective and would always see me when he come to the rink and before leaving for the day. I pulled away and looked up at him.

“You are a bit late,” I told him with a stern tone. He gave me an apologetic look. “Sorry,” he said. “Go change and warm up,” I told him. Javi gave me a nod and walked into the changing room. {I hope there isn’t a fight or anything in there.}

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