Chapter 14: Quads

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We spent three hours at the rink. Javier and Yuzuru looked very exhausted due to the jet lag. Once at the hotel, we made our way to our rooms. Once inside, Yuzuru laid on the bed exhausted with a thud and messed up the sheets.

Yuzu-kun. I’ll be back with some ice,” I told him. He needed to ice his feet and ankles. I took the ice containers and walked out of the room to get ice at the designated area. Once there, I filled the ice containers with nice. 

That should be enough.”

I took the ice back to our room and placed it on the table. I packed the ice in bags and gave them to Yuzuru. “Here you go,” I told him. He gave me a smile.

Thank you,” he said and put the bags on his feet. I looked at Yuzuru who was icing his ankles. “Do you need more ice?” I asked him. He shook his head. I got my things and washed up for bed. Once I was done, I walked out to see Yuzuru still had ice on his ankles.

I sat on the couch and watched the television. I pretty much stayed up until Yuzuru was done.


Few days later………

Today was the short program. We arrived to the venue by bus. Yuzuru again stood in front of the camera’s for me. We walked through the venue to the warm up area of the building. There were so many skaters, coaches, and other people. We showed our passes and walked through the facility.

Everyone got started with the warm ups. After stretching, Yuzuru balanced himself on a yoga ball and I threw a small ball at him. He would catch the ball and throw it back to me. Brian was busy with Javier. Yuzuru’s tissue box Pooh-san was next to me.

Occasionally, Yuzuru slipped from the large ball and laugh. I giggled. He got himself to balance again and catch the ball. Many media cameras are focused on him. Some of the media noticed me in the process.

I simply ignored the camera. 

After a long wait, Yuzuru was up to skate his short program. Yuzuru had a ritual where he shook hands with the coach, then bend down with his hands on the edge. Then, he would push himself away from the edge.

After Yuzuru shook his hand with Brian, he patted my head. I couldn’t but to smile at him. The media might had noticed the gesture. He bend down and then pushed himself away from the edge. I held Pooh-san close to me.

I couldn’t look away from his skating. It was perfect. When he was done, he skated towards us. He hugged Brian. “So great. So proud of you. Good for you. Always hard huh?,” Brian said to him as Yuzuru put his skate guards on. He made sure to bow towards the rink.

After he put the skate guards on, he gave me a hug. “Good job,” I told him. “Arigatou,” he thanked me. He put his vest on and walked towards the Kiss & Cry. Brian and I followed him. Brian and Yuzuru sat on the couch.

I stood nearby but, Yuzuru gestured me to sit next to him. I shook my head until Brian gestured me to sit down. I sat down and waited for the score. “Yuzuru Hanyu score : 95.32.”

{He broke his record again!}

It was a new season best. Yuzuru clapped his hand. Brian was very impressed by the score. “The score for his short program is 95.32 and that is his season best score and he is currently in first place,” the announcer said. The crowd was cheering on him.

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