Chapter 29: Promise Rings

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New Years……………..

The morning was very busy. Yuzuru’s mother and Saya had made a huge feast this morning. Yuzuru and I had stayed up until midnight to celebrate new years and thought about the Olympics coming up. Honestly, we had no time to spare.

We were standing in line to pray at the temple. Luckily, we got to the line before a huge line had formed. Soon, it was our turn to pray. Yuzuru and I prayed together and made a wish for the New Year.

What did you pray for?” he asked me. I gave him a smile. “That’s for me to know and you to find out. What did you pray for?” I asked in return. He was pouting now. “You didn’t tell me yours. Is it a secret?” he asked me. “Yes,” I told him.

{I pray for you to win the Olympics and achieve your dream.}

He gave me a smile. “I hope your wish comes true,” he told me. I gave him a nod. After everyone had prayed and made a wish, we went to a fortune booth. We got our fortunes and looked at them. “Mine says that my luck and dream will be great this year,” Yuzuru told me.

That’s good. You will need it,” Saya said to her little brother. “What does yours say Aya?” His mother asked me. I looked at it. “Your luck is uncertain this year.” “What does that mean I wonder…” Yuzuru was curious.

{Something tells me that this is no ordinary fortune.}

I put the fortune in my bag. “We better get going home. Aya must be freezing,” Saya suggested. Yuzuru held my hand and guided me to his home with his family.

I couldn’t shake the thoughts of the fortune.

Once at his house, he walked to his drawer and took a small box out. “Here. This is your Christmas present,” he told me. “You didn’t have get me anything,” I told him and took the box. I opened it to see a ring. It was in a shape of a cherry blossom with a pink crystal in the center.

It’s beautiful,” I said. He gave me a smile and took the ring from the box. “Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked me. I felt tears of happiness form in my eyes. “Yes,” I told him. He looked at the ring with a smile.

It’s a promise ring,” he told me and slipped the ring onto my finger. I didn’t think that he would think of a promise ring. He threw me off guard. It was very unexpected of him at our age. I wondered if he was worried about me.

I gave him a smile. “Arigatou Yuzu,” I thanked him. He gave me a smile and embraced me. “I love you Aya. I really do,” he told me. I returned the embrace. “I love you too,” I said to him. 

It was a big step into our relationship.




Yuzuru was on the ice today. He really was getting frustrated because he wasn’t able to land most of his jumps. To him, quads were an Olympic level jump. Still, he had trouble landing his salchows during competitions and practice. {I need to stop him before he hurts himself more.}

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