Chapter 36: Other Side of the Story

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Currently, I was in my room doing homework. Yes. I was back in University. I was taking online classes to get my honor degree in History. I only needed one semester to get it. I had taken most of the classes earlier. I had a research paper to type for a class. I was taking a couple classes in the medical field since my parents had the background. Plus, I thought that it would help me in the future with the business shares that I had inherited.

The money that I had inherited, I had saved to prepare to make donations in a few charities that I had planned in the future.

Whenever I was free, I practice some martial arts. I took classes when I first moved to the States as a child to build confidence. At this time, it helped me relax and calm my mind a bit. I even visited my martial arts teacher sometimes. At my recent visit, Master Wei saw a change in me through my eyes. I was more confident than ever.

Jane was sleeping in her play pen.

Mother was bedridden due to the cancer. She was fading quickly. Still in bed weakened state, she was able to help me with legal status and some other stuff regarding custody and official member of the family stuff despite her busy schedule. Some stuff was still ongoing but, there wouldn't be a problem with it.


I turned my head to the door to see Gina. She was the housekeeper. "I thought that you would like a break," she told me and set a tray of tea with some sweets. I gave her a smile. "Gamsamida," I said and took a sip of tea.

She gave me a bow and left my room. I looked over to my mother's cat Music to see that she was taking her usual nap on her shelf in front of the window. She had been very close to me since I had moved into the mansion. She would let me know if she was hungry.

{I should look up what's going on in the world. It had been a few months.} I got my new laptop and looked at the skating world. To my surprise, Yuzuru had gotten injured during the Cup of China and wasn't at his top condition at NHK Trophy.

{What has been going on with him?}

I did watch the performances. At the Cup of China, he didn't have his lucky bracelet that I had given him at the competition. It made me wonder if it had affected his performance. He had always had it on.

I looked up on other things. It turned out that stuff about me had popped up. They knew about my termination. Opinions about me didn't change too much.

Yuzuru had dated someone else but he broke up recently. Many of Yuzuru's fans had wanted me to return to work for Brian and Tracy. Plus, people knew about my relationship with Yuzuru. Apparently, Yuzuru revealed everything recently in an interview.

Some actually believed that I was innocent. It was hard to believe for me. Others say that I was just had luck with him. I didn't think that he would reveal our relationship on the tv show. He was usually private about his life.

It was that he had won the Grand Prix Finals. I noticed that he wore the bracelet that I gave him this time. I didn't see him wear it at the Cup of China.

{I shouldn't think of him. He should have moved on by now.}

I turned my attention to my emails. I hadn't seen my emails since I left Canada. I had so many. The latest email was from Javier from yesterday.

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